Which accommodation would the 2021 Love Islanders stay in if they were Lincoln students?

And the islander coupling up with your accommodation is…

Summer 2021 is certainly shaping up to be one to remember. Matt Hancock stealing hot girl summer before it’s even started. Football looks to be coming home. And, if you hadn’t already heard, Love Island is back. All we need is the sun to stop being shy and it’ll feel like 2018 summer all over again.

After being absent from our TV screens for over a year, the infamous show has made a comeback. The lineup this year is gorgeous, although that is hardly surprising. And despite having only aired three episodes, we figured we know enough about these stunning strangers to tell you where they would live if they studied at the University of Lincoln.

Liberty and Kaz: Pavs

These girls make me want to redo my first year at uni. Their bubbly personalities seem to gel with one another’s without a hitch. They would have moved into Pavs together and been instant besties in the accom group chat – leaving everyone else to wonder if they already knew each other.

Together, they would turn their Pavs kitchen into the perfect space for pres, complete with a space for photos in front of some glittery streamers.

Jake: Cygnet Wharf

Convinced by the online open day, Jake would have put Cygnet down as his first option for its ‘on campus’ location, only to discover that everywhere in Lincoln is basically on campus. Regardless, he would definitely make the most out of living so close, although would maybe begrudge the 10-minute walk to PureGym.

Aaron: Danesgate House

Aaron is definitely at Lincoln for the ‘uni experience’ (rip to the lack of uni experienced by all of us since March 2020) and therefore would’ve definitely picked Danesgate for its city centre location. With Bull on your doorstep, what more could a guy like Aaron wish for? He’d definitely organise the best pres, but would then lose his touch after agreeing to become a club rep.

Faye and Chloe: Viking House

These two would arrive in Viking with major main character energy. With Faye’s say it as you see it mentality and Chloe’s obsession with attention, I don’t think it would take too long for the two to start clashing.

Luckily, living in Viking means they would have plenty of flatmates to share between themselves, and by the end of the first semester they would have probably gotten over their differences.

Brad: Hayes Wharf

This may sound odd but given his love for “half-night-stands” I reckon Brad would happily make this place his own. No one would ever see inside this room though; it would simply exist for him to use between classes and his next pull. Fair play to you, Brad.

Shannon: Brayford Quay

Shannon was my girl crush of this year (I mean, they’re all my girl crushes but if I really had to pick, I would have to choose her). Shannon would pick Brayford Quay as it is in the perfect location. Not too far from campus or the city centre, Shannon would be living the best of both worlds.

Toby: Junxion

Toby is adorable. Not in the ‘the islander I want to couple up with’ way, but definitely in the ‘we could be friends’ way. He seems to be there for everyone so far, and I really hope he goes far in this series. Junxion feels like the place for Toby. It’s near the Engine Shed and Towers, making it perfect for pres before Quack, and being equal distance from both Maccies, I feel like Toby would enjoy having all of the options.

Hugo and Sharon: St. Marks

This place has only just been built, but I think all pre-existing Lincoln students can agree that this is definitely the place for those who will be getting a little bit of help (and by little, I actually mean all of the help) from the bank of mum and dad. Hugo and Sharon both seem super sweet, but they also give me the kind of vibes that Lincoln was not their first choice, and if it had been then they were definitely not going to move into any old accommodation. Their cost of choosing such a modern luxury? Their trek to the centre is going to be a major mood kill on a Friday night. Guess you can’t really have it all.

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