Luther Odame talking for his black lives in Lincoln documentary

‘A story told by the people’: Journalism student creates a documentary on racism in Lincoln

‘In my 18 years in Cheltenham I didn’t experience as much racism as I have in the three years I have been in Lincoln’

Luther Odame is a 20-year-old journalism student in his third year at the University of Lincoln. As part of a university project, he created a documentary, interviewing young Black people in Lincoln about their experiences of racism in the city.

On social media, he said: “The documentary was originally a 15 minute university project but I made an extended version as 15 minutes didn’t do the interviewees justice.”

The documentary speaks to a mixture of Black people, from students at the university to those who have lived in Lincoln for most of their lives. Luther said: “I was inspired to tackle this issue based on the experiences I’ve had whilst at the University of Lincoln. I wanted to find out if I was the only one experiencing such racism, why these issues exist and what’s being done to stop it in the future.”

The Lincoln Tab spoke to Luther Odame, whose passion lies in radio and content creation. He also interviews Lincoln’s Conservative MP, Karl McCartney.

Luther said: “In my 18 years in Cheltenham I didn’t experience as much racism as I have in the three years I have been in Lincoln. It made me curious. Some people are going through the things I am going through, why do they think they are going through them, what is being done to sort it?”

He explained more needs to be done in regards to representation in Lincoln, “In places with low diversity, they need more representation for people of ethnic backgrounds.”

Luther recalled his own experiences of racism in Lincoln. “There are instances where I am genuinely like wow, I’m going through this, I need to get home right now as I am fearing for my safety.

“Some instances are just like there is no need. I am going through my day to day life walking through the streets, why do you need to shout things at me?”

Luther hopes people will begin to realise life is not okay for everyone and there needs to be more changes in Lincoln.

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