All the best tattoos Lincoln students have gotten since lockdown ended

While some have been craving a hug from their nan, we’ve been craving ink

April 12th was a day of much celebration. Pubs reopened, shopping sprees could commence and the all-important tattoo appointment had finally rolled around the corner.

Whether you’re a tattoo virgin, simply want to add to your collection or previously booked a tattoo in November and have only just had it in April (no, I’m not bitter), April 12th opened the heavenly gates of the pub, but also the tattoo parlours – which, thinking about it, doesn’t seem like the brightest idea to have the two coincide… we all know that one friend who drunkenly got ‘NO RAGRETS’ tattooed on a drunken night.

We asked Lincoln students to show off their post-lockdown ink, and they didn’t disappoint. So, get ready for some great tattoos and even better puns.

A fin-tastic first

Kicking it off with a splash is Ellie – a second year creative writing student. For her first tattoo, Ellie has gone with two beautiful koi fish for herself and her sister – cute, right? This piece is so detailed and the placement is perfect – a tattoo that is sure to get you hooked (another fish joke… okay, I’ll stop.) Despite my humour, Ellie agreed and said: “Despite it being my first tattoo, I actually kinda enjoyed it. I’d definitely be up to get more.” That’s exactly what we tattoo aficionados like to hear.

A Daemon of all trades

When you have been waiting a while for tattoo parlours to open, why stop at one? 21 -year-old Daemon really went to a tattoo artist and said ‘give me pain’. Let’s unpack this as they do in Naked Attraction. First, we have a classic depiction of card suites which really gives off an edgy vibe. Daemon said: “Honestly, the card symbols were just because I thought they looked cool.” Sometimes, people are so pent up about having a ‘deep’ meaning behind their tattoo – if you like something, why the hell not? Daemon also added a cross and two faces, which we think really accessories his hand nicely.

Otterly in love

As a tattoo enthusiast, I couldn’t leave myself out! I added to my collection with my favourite animal on my leg and a twinkly star on my finger. Having been tattooed pre-covid, it was a bit of a different experience having to sit there for hours with a mask on. Although at times it felt like I was being operated on as the tattooist obviously had a mask on too, it was an overall enjoyable experience and I got to talk to someone who wasn’t my boyfriend or my mum for once. I got my otter back home, but I got my finger tattoo from The Tattooed Arms in Lincoln, who are a lovely team. Anyway, enough about me.

Disney Dogs and Rocky

Second-year creative writing student, Lily, has possibly the cutest reason behind her tattoos, so grab a tissue and brace yourselves. Lily got these works of art done at Citadel Tattoo in Liverpool and her Disney ink represents her dogs Jasmine, Minnie and Tinker bell. HOW CUTE! However, she didn’t stop there – not only is Lily a Disney princess, but she’s also a goddamn bodybuilder! Her tattoo script ‘gonna fly now’ is from the film Rocky, which she says partially got her into bodybuilding. Overall, cool tattoos, and even cooler reasons behind them.

A sweet statement

What says “I love you” more than “I love you”? A tattoo saying I love you of course! First-year psychology student, Skye, got her beau’s handwriting tattooed on her wrist and said: “I just wanted something dedicated to him and meaningful.” If that’s not dedication, I don’t know what is. Single pringles, it’s time to cry into your ice cream, and other taken folk will join you as they ask themselves “why hasn’t my partner got my handwriting tattooed?!” At least Skye’s boyfriend has nice handwriting. Let’s move on before we begin to tear up again.

A Mew tattoo

Next up we have Rachael, a joint English and Creative Writing student in her second year. Rachael opted for the Pokémon, Mew, which I think we can all agree is super cute! Rachael said: “It was a fun experience, the artist was quite nice and I had a dog sleeping on my lap while I had it done. It’s my first one, it definitely hurt but not enough to stop me getting more.” Cuddles with a dog to cope with the pain of a tattoo – where do I sign up? There isn’t a deeper meaning behind this tattoo, Rachael just likes Pokémon, and after this tattoo, I think we all do.

Seasoned tattoo-ee and tattoo-er in the making

Fine Art student Hannah had these tattoos done at The People at Temple Gardens in Lincoln and East Side Tattoo in Shoreditch. Hannah said: “They don’t have any meaning, however, the cat does remind me of my own cat Meredith. I want to be a tattoo artist, so each tattoo I get means a great deal to me in terms of that.”

Did you get any tattoos done since April 12? DM us on our Instagram to feature on our story!

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