Someone drew a penis on the Sarah Everard memorial in Lincoln

It has since been removed by the uni

The memorial to the late Sarah Everard on the university bridge has been subject to lewd drawings.

On Wednesday evening, a university student, Rhiannon Bagley spotted a drawing of a penis along the bridge next to the tributes and memorial left by students over the past weeks.

It is understood it had originally been drawn on with chalk and then sprayed with water, however, the image remained the same. But it has since been cleaned properly by the university.

Rhiannon told The Lincoln Tab: “I thought it was extremely immature and distasteful. You know what is happening currently, so why the hell would you do such a stupid thing on something that is very important to the uni right now?”

The Lincoln Tab understands it was reported to the University of Lincoln, who have since cleaned any offensive remarks left on campus, and will continue to do so.

Over the weekend, tributes were left across the city, along the high street with students and locals coming together to share their experiences of sexual harassment and assault, as a part of the ‘I am part of the 97 per cent’ event that was held on Saturday 20th March.

The University of Lincoln also held an online vigil in remembrance of Sarah Everard on Tuesday, March 16th.

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