These are the six best places in Lincoln to get snowy pics with you and your pals

Other than making snowmen, pictures to send to your pals down South is on the agenda

If the Instagram boomerangs and Snapchat stories of every Lincoln student weren’t enough this week, you will be aware that Lincoln and most of the UK has been covered in snow this past week. Usually, this would mean curling up in front of the telly with a nice mug of hot chocolate after making a giant snowman with your pals.

However, since we’re in the middle of a national pandemic and we are yearning to go outside, snow is the next best thing. Especially if you want to dust off your Instagram feed with some cute photos of you in the snow.

Lincoln has some incredibly beautiful sites and stunning sunsets, but when it snows the opportunities to get out to see Lincoln in its icy glory doubles.

1. Liquorice Park

This historic orchard is host to views over the city towards the South West and is only a short walk away from the castle. There are benches lining the steps up the park as well as a viewing platform to capture your wintery pics.


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2. The West Common

This 100-hectare public space has views of the Cathedral and ideal views of the sunset. If you can brave the muddy, snow-covered meadow, you’ll get to meet the horses if they’re in the mood. A quick walk down Carholme Road will find you at the entrance of the West Common, which is gorgeous even without the snow.

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3. The Cathedral

Lincoln Cathedral is a beautiful building already, but in the snow, it becomes even more so. If you can somehow manage yourself up Steep Hill without slipping and sliding, all while continuing to breathe, the Cathedral is essential in the snow.

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4. Lincoln Castle

When it’s open to the public, the Castle is a brilliant place to take pictures, whether it’s of Lincoln Crown Court or the Victorian Prison, or the surrounding landscape. Unfortunately, you will still need to brave your way up Steep Hill. But in my opinion, it’ll be worth it once you reach the top for amazing photos like these.

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5. The South Common

The South Common is very similar to the West Common, it is just situated on the other side of Lincoln, near Sincil Bank. Easier for those that live on the other side of town.

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6. The Brayford/Foss Bank

Each of us frequents the walk along the Brayford and Foss Bank most days, and its peaceful setting is all the more reason to have a walk down it in the snow. Especially since the swans look even cuter when it begins to snow if that could even be possible.

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Now you have our trusty guide, you know all the spots to go to when it eventually snows again in Lincoln!

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