Here are all the best sunset pics Lincoln students have to offer

We asked and oh boy did you deliver

The sunset over the Brayford in Lincoln is one thing each and every student will have on their camera roll. Whether it’s from their first few days at Lincoln or if they’re an avid photographer with a keen eye for angles.

We asked Lincoln students for their best photos of the gorgeous sunset, I’m sure most other uni’s WISH they had a sunset like ours. But alas, here is a roundup of all the best sunset pics Lincoln students had to offer.

If you lived in Cygnet you just know you can flex with the best sunsets pics


You can’t ever go wrong with the swans

I wonder what it’d be like to live on one of those boats


Ah, that purple-orange sky x

Rebecca Turner

The joys of remembering that’s where we get to graduate

Eleanor Chorlton

Never went into the library but the pic was still story-worthy


The view overlooking the Brayford will never get old


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