Enjoy these 12 memes of Bernie Sanders at the inauguration, but he’s actually in Lincoln

I am once again creating more Bernie Sanders memes

In case you missed it, Joe Biden was sworn in as President yesterday, and now we can all finally relax as Donald Trump is officially out of the White House. Michelle Obama, Hillary Clinton, and Kamala Harris did not mess around when it came to purple fashion and rightly so, everyone was freaking out. Before the inauguration even started, memes began flooding in on every form of social media you could think of.

Whether it was the colour coordination of the Biden family outfits, Lady Gaga with the military, or Bernie Sanders looking completely unbothered, Gen Z came out in full force.

In our humble opinion, the best memes of yesterday’s events are all down to Bernie Sanders in those mittens. People began photoshopping him into famous movie scenes and internet-breaking memes and we can’t thank them enough.

So we thought we’d hop on the bandwagon and place Bernie Sanders living it up in the most iconic places in Lincoln:

1. I am once again asking for Quack to reopen

2. You just know he is not about to get his feet wet

3. We’ve all sold out of mittens at Bernie’s Mittens, maybe when the meme dies down we might be able to get more stock in

4. He’s too suave to get sand in his shoes

5. He is definitely the type of person to feed the geese

6. Ah, so that’s what the mittens are for

7. Bernie was sure he was told that the flash mob would be today

8. Always a gentleman

9. “Just finished setting up and decorating my room mum, what do you think?”

10. A little Bernie in a big world

11. He’s off to clear his head, obviously

12. Well Bernie finally finished the Cathedral

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