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Rejoice in a new president and these 51 memes about Joe Biden’s inauguration

Yes most of them are of Bernie

It’s finally happened, Donald Trump is out of the White House and there is a new president of the United States. Joe Biden’s inauguration took place yesterday, and aside from giving everyone a sense of relief, the inauguration also produced some quality memes.

The inauguration memes began before Joe Biden and Kamala Harris were even sworn in, thanks to Bernie Sanders and his giant coat. Then of course performances by Lady Gaga and Jennifer Lopez ensured the Twitter reactions would keep rolling in.

The evening ended with a concert that included Tom Hanks, John Legend and Katy Perry singing Firework, so of course there were memes.

These are the 51 funniest memes from Joe Biden’s inauguration:

1. Bit rude Donald

2. I imagine this is exactly what his handwriting looks like

3. Short and sweet

4. Got it Gaga

5. Why is this so accurate?

6. The collab we all need

7. Howling

8. I see no difference

9. Is this real life?

10. Could have just CC’ed me in guys

11. Knew I recognised it

12. Yeah, yeah that sounds like a great plan

13. My exact position

14. Inauguration? Check.

15. Quite simply

16. Nothing but respect for my queen

17. Feels so great to see myself represented on TV

18. Effie, is that you?

19. This is pure hell for him

20. Always here for Gaga

21. I do not understand how to socialise anymore

22. The co-ordination 👌

23. ‘Yes, mum I like the top, can we go home now?’

24. Where did everyone go??

25. The best one yet

26. Would die to be in that WhatsApp group

27. What did I forget??

28. A 2021 girl band

29. Same energy

30. She loves a switch up

31. This is not a joke people

32. I can do this

33. Just saying…

34. Was disappointed to say the least

35. He really did

36. What that song should have sounded like

37. This is simply not fair

38. Highlight of the century

39. Talk about a glow up

40. Yes Greta 👏👏👏

41. I’m just so happy for her

42. Ladies, there is now no excuse for him not texting back

43. I look forward to receiving your cheque

44. I both love and hate this

45. She is iconique

46. Twinning

47. New album dropping at midnight

48. My national anthem

49. Dying 😂

50. Ugh if only

51. Couldn’t have said it better

Featured image credit before edits: Caleb Perez on Unsplash

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