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These 31 memes are the only funny part of last night’s chaos at Capitol Hill

‘Am I watching CNN or Black Mirror?’

Yesterday saw Trump supporters storm Capitol Hill to protest the result of the 2020 election. The rioting saw the deaths of four individuals and a call for Mike Pence to invoke the 25th Amendment.

Social media was full of people expressing their opinions on the chaos. The over riding feeling was one of anger at the different ways the white rioters were treated by the police in comparison to those engaging in the peaceful protests of BLM in summer.

And of course people also took to Twitter to make some memes about the siege. There’s no denying this is a grave and serious political situation, however people were making memes as a coping mechanism to try and handle the chaos they were seeing in front of them.

These are the 31 funniest memes that sum up the situation at Capitol Hill yesterday:

1. I see no difference

2. Is this year directed by Ryan Murphy?

3. Knew I recognised him from somewhere

4. Guys come on, think about it for a second

5. The whole season has been a car crash tbh

6. I can see it now

7. No negative vibes in 2021

8. Not Jason Derulo!!

9. Fair

10.  This is not what Nicki would have wanted

11. What a day

12. Pls, just see your therapist

13. Hhahahaha

14. Live footage

15. Don’t mind me just making sure we’re getting the facts straight

16. It’s a tough question

17. This is all we have left

18. Literally…

19. Demi we do not need a tune now

20. Why is this so accurate??

21. TikTok is now my main news source

22. Dear reader, they were wrong

23. Lolllll

24. Tinashe always speaks the truth

25. Seems a fair punishment

26. Jamiroquai made a comeback yesterday

27. You’re literally Captain America

28. No one panic, Demi’s got it covered

29. What is this blood you speak of?

30. Now that really was unbreakable

31. Put simply

Featured image credit before edits: Jon Sailer on Unsplash

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