These 30 WW3 memes are the only way to get through this chaos

Can I speak to the manager of Iran?

In case you’ve been living under a rock, Donald Trump ordered an air strike on Iran on Friday, that killed Iran’s General Qassem Soleimani and Iran have threatened to strike back against the US, and now WW3 memes are a thing.

These decisions have led many people on Twitter to believe that we are heading to World War three. And of course there are many memes to get us through this troubling political time.

Some Twitter users have criticised the creations of these memes, stating that war is not funny and has serious consequences.

Obviously it is a very serious issue but people on the Internet have decided to make the best out of a bad situation and bless us all with some quality memes to get us through the day.

We’ve rounded up the best memes that are essentially the best coping mechanism for dealing with a potential global catastrophe.

These are the best WW3 memes:

1. Group projects are always a bad idea

2. The plan is not working

3. Girl power

4. This will defo work

5. Siri, send missiles

6. She will out live us all

7. Not impressed


9. At least there are some perks of WW3

10. New Year, New Me and all that

11. WW3 memes are my only survival technique


13. Where is the lie?

14. Shook.

15. Oh shit.

16. Reunion

17. Thank GOD for respiratory conditions

18. Important questions

19. Hitting far too close to home

20. RIP to memes

21. Hahahahaha

22. FUCK.

23. Karma is real

24. Goodbye to all those aspirations

25. I can’t handle the pressure ok

26. Tactical

27. Logical

28. This war is a game ok

29. 100 per cent born in 2008

30. Definitely not doing that dissertation now, thanks WW3 memes

Featured Image Credit: Gage Skidmore /Creative Commons Licence

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