These 29 hilarious general election memes will get you through today

RIP to the NHS x

Last night the Conservative party had a landslide victory – their biggest victory since the Thatcher years, winning 364 seats. Jeremy Corbyn resigned from the labour party after they had one of their biggest losses ever, winning only 203 seats. Jo Swinson lost her seat and also resigned, after the party won 11 seats.

It was a shocking night all round to say the least – but at least we still have memes! Twitter today is furious, disgusted and of course, hilarious.

From mourning the loss of the NHS to officially emigrating , here are the 25 best Twitter reactions to the result:

1. Asking the important questions

2. We’re all moving to France

3. And Germany

4. A national hero

5. Googles: how to get rich fast

6. It’s going to get tribal

7. Even Stormzy can’t improve this situation

8. RIP to free healthcare

9. Where is the lie?

10. NHS20

11. The timing is freaky

12.’Are you in the right headspace to receive information that could possibly hurt you?’

13. Tragic

14. I love Twitter

15. Triggered

16. Thank you internet for this

17. A Poem for our times

18. Wait Twitter isn’t real life..?

19. Pure Joy

20. We are such hypocrites

21. Christmas is officially ruined

22. Spookily similar

23. Getting those facts

24. It just hurts so much

25. I’m officially leaving this island

26. We’ve had enough of this Susanna

27. Wow.

28. She’s got a point

29. This election has really changed people

Featured Image: Arno Mikkor/Creative Commons Licence

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