Students’ cat dies after a break in on the West End

‘Sooty was genuinely such a sweet boy, very sociable and loving’

A group of Lincoln Uni students have posted on Facebook detailing a burglary that happened at their student house, where possessions were stolen and their cat was injured, and later died as a result of its injuries.

The house was broken into in the early hours of Thursday morning. One of the housemates had realised their front door was unlocked, the bathroom in a mess and their cat, Sooty, was missing.

She then found all of her valuables that were in her bedroom to be missing, including two laptops, a speaker, and a ring.

One of the housemates said: “Our boiler had been switched off as well as our electricals in the kitchen. The Wi-Fi cable had also been cut and our phone line was stolen. The intruder had broken in through the bathroom window and left by unlocking the front door from the inside.

“We rang the police and they came over almost straight away to take a report.”

Their cat, who they keep indoors at night, returned four and a half hours later. The student said: “He was incredibly spooked and kept looking back at the bathroom where the intruder had entered the property. He was crying and soaked in blood. On further inspection, he had a hole in the side of his abdomen with his large intestine hanging out, his collar had also been taken.

“We rushed him to the vets where he underwent major surgery. But after refusing to eat for two days, he passed away quite painfully in the night.

“Sooty was genuinely such a sweet boy, very sociable and loving. We believe his friendliness and trust of humans is what made him a victim.”


The students posted about the events on university Facebook pages to raise awareness for other students who live in the West End student area, and urging residents to “please keep your cats indoors.”

In prior experiences, the students have had their garden gate ripped off their wall and their bin was stolen.

They have since installed alarms, cameras, and extra locks on the property.

The housemates are grateful to all those who have helped, and said: “All I can say is thank you to Rase Veterinary Centre on the West Parade who were complete angels in their care of Sooty. They were very comforting in our time our need. The support we have received from locals has been so lovely. They have been helping in any way they can and it’s been so nice to see some kindness in such a horrible time.”

Lincolnshire Police have been contacted for comment.

Know something? Send information to [email protected]

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