Lincoln student who fled country to avoid paying rent is settling his debts

He says he is ‘making amends’

Erik Mikusauskas, the Lincoln student who fled to Greece to avoid paying rent for his student house, has told The Lincoln Tab that he is now "making amends" with his landlord.

Speaking to the Lincoln Tab he stated: "I have paid half of it off and agreed to a monthly payment plan. I'm making amends."

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Erik is now living and working in Greece

When Erik left the country, he owed over £1000 in rent to his current landlord.

But now he says has come to an agreement even though no one came after him: "They didn't come after me, how could they?" This may be a reference to the fact that he is literally in Greece.

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The original post searching for Erik was posted on a Facebook group

The landlord, who does not want to be named, told the Lincoln Tab that he is far from agreeing that Erik has settled his debts as he still owes a large amount of money: "How is he making amends? He still owes me money."

Erik says that he has only paid off half of the debt, but has set up a payment plan to pay the rest. He said: "Yeah I still have a debt with him. Like I haven't paid it all off, but I've paid half of it off and agreed on a payment plan."

When The Lincoln Tab asked Erik why he suddenly decided to give in and pay up, he said: "I paid my rent because it was the right thing to do."