The Brayford crossing footbridge has been delayed by literal YEARS. TWO YEARS.

What comes first, the Brayford footbridge or a new lift in the Arts Bridge?

Strap yourselves in everybody, you’re in for a wild ride and I don’t think you’re quite ready.

We have received news that the building of the Brayford crossing footbridge is to be delayed to 2021.

This means therefore, the Brayford crossing will be completely non-functional until 2021. We at The Tab Lincoln have been informed all metal fencing, machines and vehicles will be left on site until 1st April 2021 when work will resume.

The work impacts Business and Psychology students heavily as their buildings are next to the crossing. Network Rail have suggested moving the David Chiddick and Sarah Swift building by crane to the field outside the Isaac Newton building until the crossing is re-opened.

Network Rail have asked that any complaints are directed towards the Swans rather than their customer service line.

We will release more information as we receive it.

Before you get too upset, check the date!

April fools 😉