What’s the laziest you’ve ever been in the kitchen?

Throw away the Mary Berry cooking book your mum bought you

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 Most of you will have experienced the heart-breaking sight of a dismally empty fridge during your time at uni. 

You’re faced with a tough decision: do you tackle the 15 minute trek to Morrison’s’  or simply get creative?

We went around campus asking Lincoln’s finest about the lengths you’ve gone to make a meal out of nothing.

Fine Art third year Ellie Young once tried to make a spag bol, but added a load of red wine to bulk up the sauce. “None of the alcohol cooked away, I basically made wine pasta” She added “to be honest, it tasted good anyway.”

Laura Stevenson, another Fine Art third year, admits to having a pasta disaster whilst low on supplies. “I didn’t have any pasta sauce, so I mixed Tesco value chicken soup in with my plain pasta and it was absolutely vile.”

Third year psychologist Elliot Wragg was so desperate for a curry after a long day at uni he resorted to mixing super noodles with a value jar of curry sauce. “It was the worst meal of my life, the texture was completely soggy as the noodles absorbed so much of the sauce.”

 One ashamed third year (who wishes to remain anonymous) came clean about her breakfast habits: “Once after a night out, my congealing kebab from the night before was under my bed. I ate it for breakfast, and I didn’t even heat it up.”