These are the best hall pranks

Lock your doors

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Everybody loves a good prank, and in halls they’re pretty much inevitable.
From water cups to the far stranger fake-man, students this year have really embraced cruelly torturing each other.

The Classic Tape Trick

Simple, yet incredibly effective. Covering your flatmates room and cupboards in tape is not only easy and cost-effective, it’s also extremely annoying for them. Perfect. Sammi Francis, a Zoology student, said: “Two of my flatmates, Nathan and Ebony, tease and bully each-other for fun.”

“Nathan went to a lecture and left his door open. Ebony ran over to pound land and bought 6 roles of tape, which was around 24 metres of tape, and started to do his room.”

“We then went into the kitchen and cello taped jars shut, stuck crisps and gum down and put it all over his cupboard and waited for him to get home.”

The Fake Toilet Man

Laura Wells, a Film and TV student, wowed the Tab with a never-seen-before prank.

“My boyfriend Ryan stayed over at mine and accidentally left his door open.” She said.

“His flat mates went in and made like a fake person and put him sat on the toilet for when Ryan next walked into his bathroom. When he pulled the light switch he saw this thing staring back at him and it scared the absolute shit out of him.”

The Bedroom Swap

Emily Musk, a Computer Science student, was the victim of this halls prank, “I got into my room to find my housemates all sat in there with the contents of the kitchen in there – the freezers, sofas and dining room table. I couldn’t understand where my bed and stuff was until I clicked they’d moved it all to the living room.”

The Tin Trick

Law student Staci Carr got revenge on one of her flatmates after he pulled a prank on her.

“Me and my flatmate got home from a night away and our flat mates had took all the labels off our tins so we don’t know what is in what.”

The Water Trick

Staci said: “To get him back we filled all the plastic cups we had with water and put them all around his toilet but we didn’t have enough so we filled pans and bins whatever we had. He couldn’t get to the toilet he then came home from a long day at work and had to clean them all up.”