Legal high shops closed after Lincolnshire named capital for abuse

Apparently we’re plagued by junkies

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Lincoln has embarrassingly been referred to as a place plagued by “junkies”, following its plans to ban legal highs – just this month a high street shop selling legal highs was shut.

Lincolnshire has the highest recorded levels of legal high related problems in England.

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Legal-high loving students will be thrilled to know that if a proposed ban is carried out, taking legal offensive substances will be a criminal offence.

If caught, you may be fined up to £100.

Drama first year Josh Pearson blasted the plans to crack down on the sales of legal highs in the city.

He said: “Banning legal highs won’t deter people from taking them, it will just increase the crime rating of Lincoln.”

“Rather than focusing on such minor crimes, why don’t police focus on other important issues.”

Another anonymous student commented: “I don’t see how they can make taking legal highs illegal. It doesn’t make sense to me.”

Along with the closure of the two legal high shops in the city, Lincolnshire police have also been in talks with other cities about imposing similar rules in their town centre.

Inspector Pat Coates of Lincolnshire Police said: “We hope we will see a reduction of people using it very visibly.”

“People are taking it on the street, causing antisocial behaviour, leaving rubbish, syringes and litter behind, and obviously we are getting reports from people and businesses.”

“We are enforcing a public space protection order that gives us the ability to fine an individual of £100.”

“We will have the power to seize the item that they are taking.”

The order will now go before Full Council on Tuesday, February 24 where a final decision will be made.