Yeah, I’m dating my housemate (and what?)

I broke the ultimate freshers rule and I really don’t care

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Okay, so if there was a bible that read the Ten Commandments every fresher should follow, number one would most certainly be, ‘Thou shall not commit incest with a fellow flatmate.’

And we still go out and have fun and stuff

At the beginning, I had the same view as everyone else- the people in your flat are ultimately your family whilst you’re away from home. You wouldn’t date your big brother, would you?

But that all changed when I decided to get into a relationship with my flatmate – I broke the cardinal rule of house-sharing.

Some people warned me of the common phrase “don’t shit where you eat” and I often get the odd “what if you break up?” from time to time.

The truth is, I wouldn’t get in a relationship with someone I thought I was going to break up with anyway.

It was a couple of weeks after Freshers we started to move away from ‘wingmanning’ each other on nights out and being ‘cuddle buddies’ and realised we actually liked one another.

At the end of the day, I’d be glaring over the cornflakes at any girl he’d bring back with him regardless.

It’s sort of nice living with your boyfriend- we have different lecture times and do our own thing in the day, but we cook and sleep together every night.

Yeah, sometimes he pisses me off and sometimes I piss him off but we rarely fight or argue. We’re happy.

Simpler times during Freshers Week

And yeah, the odd time I have to take a step back when I read our texts about who’s going to pick up some more milk or when I’m nagging him to scrape his plate, or sniffing his clothes to see if they need washing.

It’s moving quickly, but I don’t think that’s necessarily a bad thing.

We don’t sit in watching Netflix every night and go to bed at 10pm just because we are in a relationship though.

We have the same group of friends and are forever drinking, going out and socialising with them too.

Ahh, happy families

Our flatmates, understandably, were a little skeptical at first about how our relationship would affect the flat. But the majority of them agreed it was our decision and could be a missed opportunity if we let it slip by.

We are already looking at houses with our friends and plan on living together next year.

Some might say that’s a risky choice but if it all goes to shit later on we’ll just have to deal with it.

You don’t do things in life thinking it’s going to end up with the worst possible outcome, so why should anyone think that way in this situation?

The rule can do one.