Meet Colin: house mascot and crossdressing traffic cone

Your Fresher’s mascot isn’t as good as this one

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Many intoxicated freshers have stolen objects such as traffic cones on night out, marking their action packed and most likely chunderful night.

Drunkenly swiping an abandoned shopping trolley or traffic cone is one thing, but for first year Jace, the traffic cone he stole from a Maccy D’s car park has become his student house mascot and inanimate best friend.

After carrying the cone from Mcdonald’s to his flat in Pavillions, the cone, now named Colin, is the centrepiece of the flat’s living room.

Colin the cone, sporting a jacket, drawn on face, sunglasses, hat and forever carrying different goods from alcohol, playing cards, condoms and even a trusty duck from Quack, is placed in the front room for all visitors to admire.

Colin has a little more depth to his character and actually has an alter ego- Coleen. On weekends, Colin get’s a little wild and converts himself into a woman- a simple transformation involving a glasses change and a pink bra.

Despite Colin being founded by Jace, all of his flat mates are encouraged to respect and treat Colin/Coleen as if a member of the flat himself.

The flatmates, (Evie, Lauren, Natasha and Dwayne) have also been instructed to change his clothes depending on the day so that his needs are being met accordingly.

When describing his love for Colin, Jace said:

“Since the day Colin came into my life, there has never been a dull moment. He is the light of my life, my rock, my world.

“Colin isn’t just a cone, he is family. I couldn’t imagine uni without him now. ”

Who knew that one pissed minor law breaking act could develop into possibly one of the best freshers’ mascots to date.