Worldwide appeal: the woman who found an engagement ring in Charcoal Grill

Lincoln clubber dumped with heirloom engagement ring in Lincoln kebab shop – and the quest to find her goes viral

Not just your average night at Lola Lo – one Lincoln party-goer has launched an appeal to find the woman who left her engagement ring in a kebab house after a night out on the town.

Sophie Reynolds, the concerned 23 year-old from Lincoln, found herself comforting a distraught woman in Charcoal Grill takeaway, who’d just discovered her fiancée had been cheating on her.

Bargain: Sophie got more than just a kebab

In the drunken move, the emotional woman dumped her engagement ring – a valuable antique heirloom – with Sophie, an unsuspecting Lincoln clubber who happened to swing by for a kebab on the way home from Lincoln’s famous Lola Lo.

She remembers talking to the upset woman inside the takeaway at 4:30am after a mate’s birthday night out. She said: “I vaguely remember her taking the ring off and telling me that she needed to get closure from the relationship and the only way to do that was to get rid of the ring.”

“I don’t remember taking it from her, I think she must have just put it in the bag, but soon after she said that, we said our goodbyes and I got in a taxi home.”

The plea went viral

But the ordeal has clearly pulled at Sophie’s, and the nations, heartstrings after the encounter soon became a national appeal to find the heartbroken owner of the ring.

The morning after the night before, Sophie tweeted and Facebooked a photo of the ring but hardly imagined that the appeal would go viral.

And she’s pretty shocked with the results: “People were desperate to find out if they could help and some said they recognised the ring. It was amazing, the appeal went viral, it was mad.”

In all it’s glory

It’s a story that deserves a happy ending , hopefully the mystery blonde Yorkshire lass will step forward and reclaim the lost engagement ring. A remorseful Sophie said “I shouldn’t have it and just want to get it back to its rightful owner.”