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The Leeds Tab is looking for new writers and we want YOU!

You don’t need any prior journalistic experience

Let’s face it, you’re going to have sooooo much free time this year. Unis are literally telling you not to go to lectures and clubs are closed. But every cloud has a silver lining, and luckily enough for you, that silver lining is the opportunity to write for The Leeds Tab.

That’s right, we’re looking for writers, meme-makers, social media gurus and all-round fun people to join our team.

You don’t have to have any prior journalistic experience and you don’t have to commit to anything at all.

So, if you’re a student at Leeds Beckett or the University of Leeds and you think The Tab may be for you, drop us a message on Facebook or Instagram.

What is The Tab?

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The Tab is a student news site with over six million monthly readers. As a student writer, your stories will be shared on The Leeds Tab Facebook page, to a readership of over 56,000– the best articles are shared across all of our pages, and can reach readers all over the country.

We break the biggest stories on campus. Last year we published a story about a man who crawled along one of the ledges of level 12 of Edward Boyle library. We uncovered an advert on Indeed for a nanny to help an 18-year-old law student with their cooking and cleaning. We spoke to some students who accidentally owed £19m to their gas company. And we even wrote about the racist underbelly of a popular donut shop.

Hundreds of stories published originally on The Tab have made national news.

We exposed the Warwick boys who made rape jokes in their group chat, the Coventry dodgeball team who wore anti-semitic slogans on their white t-shirt social, and the Cambridge student who set fire to a £20 note in front of a homeless man.

Why should I write for The Tab and not somewhere else?

The Tab is a nationwide online publication with a much wider readership than other Leeds student papers, and will give you an insight into how modern media works.

The Tab HQ team in London is always on hand to offer journalistic advice and training. With their help, you’ll learn how to make your writing stand out.

Tab alumni frequently go on to work for famous publications all over the world, including VICE, The Times, and Vogue. Just this year, former Tab student writers started jobs at The Telegraph, The Sun, and Cosmopolitan.

Message our Facebook Page or DM us on Instagram.

We look forward to hearing from you :)))