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Leeds housemates accidentally owe £19 million to their gas company

Should have got their bills all-inclusive

Five Leeds Uni students accidentally typed in their initial gas readings wrong, and now owe the gas company £19,000,000.

Yes, you read that correctly.

Viktorija Kiselytė posted to Leeds Uni Tickets on Monday night to ask her fellow uni students to fund their catastrophic mistake on gofundme.

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According to one of the housemates, Chloe, their fast track fame on Leeds Uni Tickets has left them "shook" and distracted them from the fear of the consequences of this rather unfortunate mistake.

The five housemates tried to immediately contact their utility provider, Huddle, and failed.

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They now fear that they will end up debtors prison, which they say might just be "a step too far" from the student lifestyle.

Chloe said they must now spend "sleepless night with £19,000,000 in debt hanging over us".

To donate check out their gofundme page.

They've also said that if they resolve the problem it'll go to a local homeless charity.