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Someone literally crawled along one of the ledges on level 12 in Eddy B today

Giving a whole new meaning to deadline stress


A man was seen crawling along one of the ledges on level 12 of Edward Boyle library today.

Shuffling on his hands and knees, onlookers watched as Leeds' very own Tom Holland crawled along one of Eddy B's highest floors and clambered past students just trying to complete their essays in peace.

Chloe McGuiness, who took the video and then sent it to her friend, told the Tab what she saw.

"I was sat on the Post Grad level and looked up from my laptop and saw a guy crawling along the edge.

He did the full length of it and then just walked out."

Edward Boyle is known for its infamous Level Flirteen, and last year someone was even caught masturbating in the toilets, but never has someone literally crawled across it.

Talk about deadlines hitting you hard.