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Here are all the best date spots in Leeds for this cuffing season

No, Junkyard Golf isn’t on here

Cuffing season is in full swing; everyone is starting to couple up and dates are becoming more frequent than actually attending lectures. It can be difficult to pick a date spot, especially if you're just getting to know the person, so The Tab went to the trouble of finding the best places in Leeds for you.

Old Red Bus Station

You might be familiar with the Old Red Bus Station as the place where they have those really cool pub quizzes with super niche themes like old school CBBC characters, but this bar-stroke-food place strikes the right balance between edgy and romantic. Your date will be dazzled by your knowledge of all the off the beaten track sites in the city, and if it's going well, you can even pair up together and do a cheeky quiz. Now that's romance.

Stew and Oyster

What better place to take a date than somewhere that sells both stew, and the universe's best aphrodisiac? Sexy seafood aside, the Stew and Oyster is one of Leeds' best kept secrets hidden along the riverside. This pub is the perfect place to impress your winter chirpse, your eyes meeting as you both gaze as the crystalline water below. What a deep and intellectual boy, she thinks, fucking hell, that was one expensive pint, he says.

Belgrave Music Hall

A classic spot for a classic time. Everyone knows that you can never have a bad date at Belgrave. And if you do, then you've really fucked it.

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The Kitty Cafe

Part cat rescue centre, part cafe, and full time matchmaking heaven. Show your loving side as you play with the cats (even if you can't stand them) and watch as your partner slowly falls in love with you. A step up from your standard cafe, its the perfect place to catch feelings while enjoying a slice of cake. Just make sure you actually pay attention to your date as much as the cats.

The Domino

The Domino is a speakeasy style bar hidden in the depths of Grand Arcade next to Merrion Street. The entry to the underground bar is hidden at the back of a barbershop, giving it the edgy vibe that will (hopefully) impress your date and lead them to believe that you're part of some secret super cool club. The cocktails are a bit on the pricey side, so you can impress your date by acting like a baller buying them drinks and then crying into your pot noodles until the next student loan comes in.

Roxy's Ball Room

Think you're the best ping-pong player that ever lived? You've got two choices: absolutely batter your date and send them home crying but you WIN, or be really nice and play with your weak hand and LOSE, just to make them feel better. Either way, Roxy's is a great first date location. Maybe start with some beer pong to get the drinks flowing, then move onto a game of shuffleboard (whatever that is), before making that final decision on whether or not to whoop their arse or let them get one over on you.

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The Christmas Market

The Christmas Market is prime cuffing season territory. Who wouldn't catch feelings under Christmas lights with a Bailey's hot chocolate cosying up to each other to keep warm? The Christmas Market makes everyone feel like kids again, its comfortable and its homely. Its always a happy place full of excitement, and it's hard not to get caught up in it. We'd go as far as to say there has never been a breakup at a Christmas Market.

Want to seal the deal? Buy them churros. Everybody loves churros. Find us a person that says otherwise and you've found a liar.