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Matt Livingstone
Leeds University


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Over 6000 people livestreamed Fruity last night

And not a single VK bottle was thrown

Don’t freak out but Fruity is being live streamed straight into your bedroom

Can’t wait to sing Mr Brightside through the webcam

BREAKING: Leeds city centre evacuated after suspicious package found

The bomb squad were called to the Queen Street area

Newly appointed University of Leeds VC liked anti-trans tweets

The blog she endorsed says that ‘female biology and socialization matter’

Reading and Leeds lineup includes only 19 women out of over NINETY acts

Roughly one in five performers are female

Tributes pour in for Leeds student Melina Bushell after her tragic death

Her dad has received an outpouring of support on Twitter

So it turns out Jamie Lannister is a huge fan of Leeds and now we love him even more

Is there actually anyone who doesn’t like Leeds?

Leeds former PhD student who targeted young men sentenced for 136 counts of rape

He was described as the Uk’s ‘most prolific rapist’

The Tab Leeds’ most eligible bachelorette: THE FINAL

You’re way too beauuuuuutiful girl

Vote for Leeds’ most eligible Bachelorette: Round two

Vote for the second round of fitties

Here are all the best date spots in Leeds for this cuffing season

No, Junkyard Golf isn’t on here

Meet the people in Leeds tackling the taboo surrounding male mental health

Suicide is the biggest killer in men under 35

It’s official: Leeds is one of the best cities to live in after you graduate

Leeds is in the top five cities for student retention in the UK

Sherif from Love Island and Dean from The Apprentice went to HiFi last night

They were in Leeds for a charity dinner

After five glorious years, Donuts is ending forever

The farewell night is on the same night as the General Election

Nominations are open for Leeds’ most eligible bachelor and bachelorette

We’re searching for the fittest of the fit

The Brownlee brothers have just been awarded honorary doctorates from Beckett

Do you reckon they fancy Varsity next year?

Spoons is opening a pub in Headingley and we are so here for it

A new addition to the Otley Run?

Clubbers of the Hallo-week

The sexiest and scariest clubbers spooking up the town

We went down to the new Leeds bar that mixes cocktails with gaming consoles

Retro? Never heard of her

I swapped cans of soup for four free beers to help food poverty in Leeds and life has never been better

A soup-er trade (sorry not sorry)

Hyde Park students get £4,500 compensation after having their gas cut off for nearly two weeks

Students 1-0 Landlords

Here’s how to get FREE PIZZA in Leeds this Freshers’ Week

Prepare those taste buds

It’s official: Leeds is one of the best unis in the country

Leeds has smashed it again

Leeds Union forum votes against combating antisemitism

It has been claimed this may mean LUU could provide funds for students to run a campaign against combatting antisemitism

Hyde Park Road partially closed off after motorcycle accident

Police and ambulances present at the scene

Starting to write your dissertation is officially the hardest part of uni

Don’t worry, your uni experience so far will NOT help you at all

Everything you can do this Valentine’s Day instead of crying into a tub of ice cream because nobody loves you

Who even needs a significant other anyway?

Ever wanted to be paid to eat Yorkshire Puddings? Here’s your chance

It’s the stuff of dreams

It’s official: Leeds’ Clubbers of the Week is BACK

Who wouldn’t want to be the fruitiest fruit at Fruity?

Which Brooklyn Nine-Nine character is your Leeds uni halls?

We can’t all be Peralta

New figures say Leeds is one of the safest places in the UK and I want to know if they’ve ever actually been here

We politely disagree

Students told to find new places to live after Plaza floods

Only £250 was offered for the ‘inconvenience’

‘I thought I was going to die’: Over 300 students evacuated from Leeds halls after flood

Floors flooded at 3am after a pipe burst

Leeds’ Clubbers of the Week

A little bit of snow doesn’t stop the sesh

Which VK flavour is your Leeds uni halls?

We can’t all be Tropical

Leeds’ Clubbers of the Week

Why is everyone in Leeds fit?

Beckett halls evacuated after bomb squad called in and ‘grenade-type devices’ found

Police searched the building after a tip-off from a student

Everything you can do this Valentine’s day instead of crying into a tub of ice cream because nobody loves you

Crying in the shower isn’t the only thing you can do on your own this V day

Which star sign is your Leeds Uni halls?

Of course Central Village is a Gemini

I only love clubbers of the week and my momma, I’m sorry

January is finally fucking over, let’s celebrate

Leeds’ clubbers of the week: End of exams special

Put down that textbook and pick up that cocktail

Guys, it’s time to talk about male mental health

Boys do cry

Let’s be real, without pigs in blankets Christmas would be shit

Its beginning to look a lot like Pigmas

Guys, it’s time to admit that Beckett is just so much better than Uni of

I’d rather be a poly than a … you know the rest

How to nail a guy’s night out in Leeds

Time to crack open a cold one with the boys

It’s time to grow up and admit that Halloween is the actual worst time of the year

Sorry, but I just don’t get the Halloween hype

Everything you learn when you volunteer abroad

No, I’m not a gap yah wanker