Leeds Uni spend £2.5k a year on Christmas decorations

That’s almost a third of your yearly tuition fee

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Leeds University are spending nearly £2,500 on Christmas decorations alone every year.

Information released under a Freedom of information request details in the last three years at least £7,186. 94 has been spent by the uni.

The spending was on christmas trees, lights and additonal decorations.


The Laidlaw’s impressive addition

In 2014, the University spent £2,031.60 on Christmas trees around the campus.

The annual spend on lights between 2013 to 2014 also increased by 1,330 per cent.

The information, however, is a rough estimate – as the university states they’re unable to disclose exact figures.

This is due to the annual spend being logged under miscellaneous expenditure and office supplies.

LUU have been contacted for comment.