Tell us about your uni Christmas traditions and we’ll tell you what festive candle you are

If you had any scents, you’d take this quiz

Ah, Christmas. The most wonderful time of year when all students are snowed under with work and struggling to come up with a Christmas present for your mum when all she wants is for you to be happy. There is nothing that tells you it’s Christmas like the scent of vanilla, warm spices and pine needles. Whether you’re like one of Santa’s elves or the Grinch, we students love nothing more than a good candle. They mask the scent of damp, your flatmate’s terrible cooking, and the pile of laundry you’ve been letting build up for weeks. They also immediately enhance the vibes in your tiny uni room. What more is there to love?

Everyone has their favourite scent, and whether you’re one of these eccentrics who loves to burn their Christmas Cookie candle all year round, or you savour your Frosted Cranberry while frantically writing another essay the night before a deadline, there’s a Christmas candle for everyone.

What’s better than a candle? A Christmas candle, that’s what. So, find out which Christmas scent you are below!


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