Lancaster SU confirms that it allows society affiliations with Vibe

The nightclub is set to host its first society event tonight, 27th October

Lancaster SU has confirmed that it allows society affiliations with new nightclub Vibe.

LUSU has said in a statement to SCAN that although a “decision was made to no longer approve sponsorship agreements that involved GLOW [this] does not apply to any new operators.”

Vibe is situated in the building of former nightclub GLOW.

GLOW Nightclub closed following the death of 22-year-old Joshua Hughes, who died after an assault outside the nightclub on June 12th. Prior to the closing, Lancaster SU said that any society holding events located at or in conjunction with the club would not be allowed to keep its affiliation with the students’ union.

LU Indian Society is set to host their Bollynights Diwali Event at Vibe nightclub tonight, Thursday 27th October.

LUSU VP Societies and Media Danny Goodwin (he/him) confirmed to SCAN that the SU has “been in touch with the relevant society to ensure that they are comfortable and supported in advance of their event.”

Danny also said, “The Students’ Union supports our cultural and faith groups to take their own lead on a diverse programme of festivals throughout the year in a range of venues both on campus and in town.”

Lancaster University Indian Society said to SCAN that it is “looking forward to celebrating Diwali at VIBE” and that it is “very happy to hear that VIBE is doing everything they can to put the safety and comfort of the people first.”

This event will be the first night that Vibe has opened after a series of incidents last week which led to the postponing of their Grand Opening, including cars being driven into the front entrance on Wednesday and Saturday, and some of the building’s windows being smashed. Lancashire Area Police arrested a man following these events.

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