LUSU announce new Society Awards, nominations now open

‘The event will be a truly special celebration of all the amazing work our groups and societies do’

LUSU have announced that they will be hosting a Societies Award Night in Lent Term 2022 to celebrate the amazing work of groups and societies.

There are different awards available to be won, both individual and group awards, to congratulate those who go “above and beyond”.

Students can now nominate groups and societies for these awards.

In a Facebook post, LUSU said: “Our first-ever Societies Awards Night is set to take place in February 2022. Think glitter, champagne, suits and gowns. The event will be a truly special celebration of all the amazing work our groups and societies do.”

Students don’t have to be a part of a society to be nominated. LUSU said: “Some awards are available for students who are not members of a society but go above and beyond for the Lancaster community, such as the Sustainability Award and the Outstanding Individual Achievement Award.”

The awards that can be won are:

Event of the Year

This award is for an event which has “made a positive impact on students”, “shows initiative and creativity” and “embodies the SU’s values”.

Small Society of the Year

This is for societies who have 30 members or less. The society must have “excelled at providing a community for students” and “delivered events and grown since the previous year”.

New Society of the Year

This is for newly affiliated societies which have “exceeded expectations and shown commitment to future development” and “have had a positive impact on the wider community”.

Performance award

The Performance Award is for “a society from the ‘performing & creativity’ federation that has excelled this year and provided its members with an array of events and/or activities”.

Most Improved and Rising Star

This award is for a society which has grown and developed since last year. This society has “overcome the challenges and achieved their objectives” and “held regular, well-organised events and activities throughout the year”.

Campaign of the Year

The Campaign of the Year award is for a society which has made a change and raised awareness, encouraging “positive social change in local or national communities and/or on campus”.

Lasting Impact Award

Nominate societies who have “made the biggest impact on either student life and campus life, or important issues such as the environment, up to interpretation”.

Sustainability Award

This award is for a society who has campaigned to support sustainability by raising awareness of issues “and have held an event or campaign to progress the issue forward”.

Committee of the Year

To win this award, a society committee has to have run “engaging activities and/or events offering social or community spaces for students and delivering impressive events and activities” and worked together as a team “to ensure an inclusive and memorable experience for all”.

Equality and Diversity Award

Nominate a society who has “worked hard to create an inclusive and accessible community space for their membership throughout the academic year” and have “held regular events/activities or socials throughout the year which have had a positive impact on member’s wellbeing and/or in the wider community”.

Best Collaborative Event

The event has to have involved two or more societies which built “a strong community in an inclusive and accessible environment”.

When nominating an event, you need to explain “how the groups worked together” and “the level of engagement of the activity”.

Special Interest Society of the Year

The LUSU page said: “This award is for a society from the ‘special interest’ federation that has excelled this year and provided its members with an array of events and/or activities.”

Fundraising and Volunteering Award

For this award, students can nominate an individual or society. Nominees should have “made the greatest contribution to charity fundraising and/or volunteering”.

Recreational Sport Award

Nominate a recreational sport society “which has gone above and beyond to create amazing events and/or activities with high engagement, and a welcoming society to all students”.

Academic Society of the Year

Nominate an academic society which “has organised a variety of informative and inspiring events and/or activities regularly throughout the year, including career and development opportunities”.

Hidden Hero Society of the Year

This award is for a society that is “usually seen as ‘going under the radar’ but is anything other than being under the radar with the impact it has on student experience” and “has created a strong community and helped to expand the range of societies offered at our Students’ Union”.

Faith, Cultural and Community Society of the Year

Nominations must be for societies from the “cultural, faith and community” federation. The society must have “excelled this year and provided its members with an array of events and activities. This will be awarded to a faith, cultural and/or community society who has held community events and fostered a community for its members”.

Vice President’s Cup

This award is for an individual “that has made an outstanding contribution to societies”.

Nominate someone who has “shown outstanding dedication to student opportunities going above and beyond to make a difference to societies or media, and wider student engagement”.

Outstanding Individual Achievement

This award is for students in their final yea who has “shown exceptional dedication to contributing to life on campus throughout their time” and “is both a leader and an example to others”.

Society of the Year

This is an award for a society which has “made a significant contribution to student life at Lancaster University. This award celebrates societies who have a real passion for supporting their members”.

You can nominate societies, groups and individuals here.

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