13 per cent of Lancs students say they’ve been spiked since clubs reopened, survey finds

Many victims say they were kicked out for ‘being too drunk’

At least 13 per cent of surveyed Lancaster University students believe they have been spiked in clubs since they reopened in September, the Lancaster Tab can reveal.

In an anonymous Instagram survey taken by Lancaster students, The Lancaster Tab asked: Since clubs reopened, do you think you have been spiked in Lancaster?

A total of 88 Lancaster students responded to the survey.

Of these, 13.6 per cent said they had been spiked, and 5.7 per cent said they were unsure.

The Lancaster Tab also asked respondents if they knew someone that had been spiked in a Lancaster club. 52.3 per cent of students surveyed said yes – a further 2.3 per cent were unsure.

However, those students who reported their spiking to club staff were in the minority – of only 28.9 per cent.

For those that chose to report incidences of spiking, the survey revealed mixed responses from staff members. Roughly half of those that reported spikings had negative experiences.

Multiple students claimed they were kicked out by staff for “being too drunk”. While others reported being laughed at.

One of the more positive experiences involved an unnamed club promising to “look into” the incident.

Some went on to claim that were bar staff themselves were helpful. When managers were called, they dismissed their concerns. Respondents also gave credit to college JCR for their role during Welcome Week.

Additionally, The Lancaster Tab asked: What measures were put in place by Lancaster bars or clubs that you noticed?

Again, around half of respondents did not notice any preventative measures in Lancaster bars or clubs with regards to spikings.

More positive responses included mention of drinks testing kits, bottle stoppers, welfare rooms and bouncers.

When asked what additional methods clubs should introduce to prevent spiking, the most common responses mentioned thorough searching and drinks covers. Alternative suggestions included “girls-only” club nights and CCTV cameras.

Lastly, when asked if their negative experiences surrounding a Lancaster club might put them off from returning, 37.5 per cent answered yes.

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