A complete guide to the most iconic places in Lancs

Freshers, you can thank us later

So, you’re a Fresher who’s just started your first year at Lancaster uni, and you have no idea where the best places to go are. You probably ask yourself on the daily: “What is so special about Sultans anyway?”, but don’t knock it until you’ve tried it.

Trust us. From the random buildings on campus to the ducks that try to steal our Greggs, we can all agree that Lancaster Uni is a weird but wonderful place to be. However, it’s understandable that you might find it a little bit overwhelming, which is why we came up with a complete list of all the places you must visit in Lancs.

Williamson Park

Although Williamson Park is a bit of a trek from campus, the views looking out over Lancaster make it worthwhile. Williamson Park is the perfect place to get some candid pics for your Insta, especially with the Ashton Memorial in the background. It is also home to the Highest Point Festival, a great festival which this year had sets from the likes of Becky Hill and Rick Astley. Williamson Park is also the perfect place to chill out after a long day with your friends. So all in all, it’s is a must-visit location.


If you haven’t already been here, especially during Freshers’ Week, then you’re missing out. Sultans is basically the place where everyone goes to satisfy their craving for a of post-night out scran. There is always music playing at around 2 am and, if you’re lucky, you might even get featured on their Snapchat story (@lusultans). The staff at Sultans are lovely too, and they always have free bottles of water on hand for those who come stumbling in there.


It feels so good to be able to go back out clubbing again, and for some of us it’s been almost two years since we’ve been able to set foot in Sugar. Being the SU run nightclub, only Lancs students can go in (however you can bring a non-student in as long as you fill out a form).

Sugar always has the best deals on, such as 3-4-£6 VKs – an offer we can’t refuse. It is the best club around, and this isn’t up for discussion. Sugar is also the base of many societies’ socials, meaning it is totally normal to see people dressed in crazy outfits, so you don’t have to stress about what you wear. If you see a girl dressed in a bin bag, she’s on an “anything but clothes” social. You just have to embrace it.


Although Greggs is available nationwide and not just in Lancaster, its popularity amongst Lancs Uni students never fails to amaze us. As a student here, it is law that you have to be in the Greggs queue at least once, so make sure that you get there as early as you can to avoid disappointment. After all, everyone knows there’s no feeling quite like the heartbreak of walking in just as the last sausage roll is being taken off the shelf.


GLOW is another nightclub which students go to in Lancaster. This nightclub is open to anyone, and is in the centre of town, with a taxi stand just behind it. Perfect for those freshers who may be worried about getting back to campus safely after a heavy night out. Many DJ’s have played their sets at GLOW, such as Danny T, so make sure you get yourself down there for a Skint Monday as soon as you can.


Although it can be a bit hard to find, Kanteena’s modern vibes and cool bunting make it one of the coolest places to drink and eat in Lancs. It is like a converted warehouse and thus is a perfect place for Instagrammable shots of all your drinks.

Just so you freshers know, this is the place where you won’t get judged for downing your pint because the majority of people who go to Kanteena are students, meaning everyone who goes has probably already had a lot to drink, but no one else seems to notice.

Dalton Square

In the centre of town, Dalton Square is home to Lancaster On Ice during Christmas/ Winter time. This is where some parts of Dalton Square are transformed into an ice rink, providing you with a fun and Christmassy activity to do with friends on your days off uni.

Dalton Square is also home to a market on Wednesdays and Saturdays all year round, which can be a real treasure trove and has stalls for everything from food to phone cases.

Lancaster Brewery

The Brewery always has very Insta-worthy decorations and stunning lighting arrangements. It offers a lot of options for its visitors, including tours about the brewing process for those who have a keen interest in the production of beers. They have beer and cider on tap, so basically everything to acquire to your needs. Every time we’ve been here, there has also always been food trucks of pizza and tacos parked in the beer garden, so you can grab a bite to eat along with your freshly brewed pint.

You’ll be asking yourself, “why did I even come to uni?” often throughout your university experience. But remember, if you ignore the rain, the unreliable 100 bus and not finding any seats in the library, Lancaster isn’t the worst place in the world – remember, it could be worse – you could be a student at The Uni of Cumbria.

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