Friends of Palestine BDS Protest and Teach-In at Alex Square today

The protest will be held at 4 pm

The Friends of Palestine society is holding a BDS Protest and Teach-In at Alex Square, 4 pm today, Friday June 4th.

The group is protesting against the university’s involvement with companies that are complicit in the Israeli apartheid.

There is an open letter to the Vice-Chancellor that students can sign to show support.

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In a Facebook post, the Friends of Palestine Society stated their demands of their expectations for Liberation and Full Time officers.

The post said: “The student union is to go further than a performative “statement of support.”¬†Support and endorse a BDS motion for the union and support our letter to the VC over immediate divestment NOW. Enough of promises, take REAL action.”

Additionally, it said: “As reiterated before, statements, protests and support should intertwine and centre Palestinian and Palestinian activists first. We are thus unsure of the alleged involvement of JSOC and UJS.”

More information about the cause can be found on the Friends of Palestine Facebook group.

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