Here’s what your favourite Lancs bar or pub says about you

Kanteena, Pendle Witch, and the Brewery are essential for all Lancs students

We can finally go out to the pub again and drown our sorrows of impending exams with alcohol we didn’t have to buy from Aldi. Lancaster offers a wide array of pubs and bars, whether you’re wanting a nice relaxed catch up with your mates or to get in as many rounds before you embark on a crazy night out.

There’s no shortage of pubs in Lancaster. Spoons for the pitchers and cheap food, The White Cross to take your date, or the Water Witch to get those banging Insta pics of the canal. It is clear that each bar attracts a specific type of Lancaster student. Are you curious to see what your favourite bar in Lancaster says about you? Well you’ve come to the right place.

The White Cross

Those who choose the White Cross as their go-to are way too edgy for their local pub and wouldn’t mind spending that little extra for the prestige of the place. These students wouldn’t be seen dead in Spoons and would rather sit and watch the world go by. There is only one way to describe these students and that is the ones who get up at 7 am, instantly go for a run, get back, and do uni work all day. Can’t relate.

Such students have probably already started revising for exams that don’t start until the end of May and willingly look over stuff from first year, because “you never know what might come up”.  They try to encourage their friends to do the same but fail because everyone else just does the bare minimum and hopes for the best.

The Pendle Witch

The Pendle Witch attracts all of the sporty people. They’re the type of people who come in their groups, downing pint after pint and scranning away at one of the onion ring towers while watching the most recent footy match.

These people are easy to spot, repping their college or sports hoodie at any given opportunity, with their nickname and sport sewn on the back. This student has joined every possible sports team there is to offer at uni, from football to  hockey, they are immersed in the sporty life. When this student isn’t playing sports or building their gains at the gym, they are seen in Pendle Witch, enjoying several pints whilst still showing their dedication to sports by watching the match.

The Water Witch

The students who go here are the type who go out for a few drinks and maybe something to eat, but refuse to go again after seeing the extortionate prices. For those students who are quite sociable and like catching up with mates in short bursts, The Water Witch is the perfect place to be.

However, we all know what it’s like when your social timer runs out, and the fact that Aldi is just across the way, means you have a viable excuse to just leave.


Unfortunately there is no outside space for Spoons to open in Lancs right now. But if your go-to pub is Spoons then it’s simple; you like cheap food and booze.  It is guaranteed that cheap beer glasses, several pitchers and a tray of shot glasses are littered around your table with the hope of getting smashed on a budget in time for Sugar Wednesdays. You’re the type to venture to Spoons the next morning because the full English breakfast will help get rid of your hangover.

Like everyone, you probably first visited Sir Richard Owen when you got the first installment of your student loan and immediately spent it on cheap alcohol. But ever since then, you can’t keep away due to the student-friendly prices. Your kitchen cupboards have at least one stolen pitcher glass that’s used for the King Cup when you play Ring of Fire, and probably a few pint glasses as well.


It’s certain that you’ll upload a pic of all of your drinks to Instagram within a few seconds of getting them at Kanteena. The multicoloured walls give the impression that all of the attendees here have an edgy vibe and are sophisticated students on a budget. Let’s be honest, most people in Kanteena are students, so you don’t have to worry about upsetting actual adults whilst you down your bevvies.

Students who come here are those who have probably have already had too much to drink, but no one seems to notice as everyone else is that way too. It is clear that everyone who comes here wants to escape the fact that they are a student for a while and just drink.

The Brewery

Students who come here like beer, cider or any other alcoholic drink really. Visitors of the Brewery are those who don’t really like socialising with other students, and the fact that the Brewery is a bit out of town really ramps up the “I’m not like other pubs” factor. Students who go here are the type to gladly make conversation with anyone who is not a student and would instantly become best mates with them.

Second and third-year students mainly come here, because it is a bit of a trek from campus for the first years who live there. Such “older” students think that they are mature enough to get a pitcher of beer and won’t be tempted to get a cheeky Sultans on their way home.

Boot and Shoe

If you’re a regular at the Boot and Shoe, you’re probably all-too-familiar with wearing a coat inside, not only because it’s always freezing but also because you have a North Face jacket that you want to show off. It’s also likely that you like beer and your taste buds will become well acquainted with the JW Lees Original Lager that’s at the Boot and Shoe. It’s your home away from home, your go-to place for a pint. Thank God that the 1A stops right outside.

No matter what your favourite pub is, we’re all counting down until we can get back inside instead of shivering out in the cold. The days? Numbered. The vibes? Immaculate.

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