Our guide to the best spots in Lancs – despite the end of the world

All of your your go-to places in Lancs to get you through the doom and gloom of living in Covid-times

We can all admit that the pandemic has meant that our university experience hasn’t been what we expected this year. However, Lancs is still just as scenic as it ever was, and it’s got the perfect locations to get you out of the house and to clear your head from all of the insanity that is 2020.

Allow us to present our top spots in Lancs to distract you from the end of the world!

Williamson Park

Probably the most scenic view of Lancaster. Head up to the Ashton Memorial for incredible views, defo recommend watching the sunset from there. There are also lots of other scenic walks and a butterfly house that you can visit. You can see the Memorial from miles around, and when you’re at the top then the view is just something else entirely. Well worth the walk.

Bar crawl 

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Drink responsibly, folks

Lancs has a lot of great bars to offer for a good ol’ pub crawl, just make sure it’s a socially distant one! For boujee cocktails, head to Hogarth’s Gin Palace or Tipple.  If a nice beer garden along the canal is what you are after, the White Cross and the Water Witch are your best bet. Even want to test out your knowledge whilst on the booze? Pub quizzes are also often held in the evening, so keep an eye out.

The list of pubs are endless! At this point we should probably say that it’s now illegal to do this with someone you don’t live with, and aren’t in a support bubble with, but you can drag your housemates out to any of the places that are allowed to be open at the moment!

Lancaster canal

We can all agree that Lancaster definitely wins the award for the most local scenic walks. Linking from Preston to Kendal, the canal stretches for 41 miles and some of the views are incredible! For a quicker walk, you can stroll along the canal from the Water Witch, where you will find the Fairfield nature reserve, and can also visit the llamas and sheep that live there too.

Sitting by the canal is a really chill way to spend an hour, and there’s something quite therapeutic about watching the world go by. This has our recommendation.


Alright, this isn’t technically in Lancs, but it’s our article, so we make the rules.

A quick bus journey takes you into Morecambe, the coastal town. You could opt for an hour’s walk from Lancaster city centre, over the Millennium Bridge, then along the cycle path, which takes you straight to Morecambe. The town may be small, but there’s quite a lot you can do. You’ll find a shopping centre, lots of cafes and pubs along the sea front, a bowling centre, a cinema, and of course, the beach!

The Dukes Theatre

If films and theatre are what you’re into, then the Dukes Theatre will keep you entertained. Whilst currently offering a large range of iconic films for you to watch, it also has live performances – so if you’re feeling a little more cultured, pop in the Dukes and see what’s on!

Lancaster Castle

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Last but certainly not least, Lancaster Castle! Our historical, gorgeous castle has a lovely courtyard and brilliant views that you can access. Before 2012, the castle was the only castle in the UK that was still used, however lancastercastle.com states that “since Lancaster castle was decommissioned by the ministry of Justice, the focus has been on the preservation and restoration of the fabric of these historic buildings”. Usually tours run that allow you to visit inside the castle and learn all about the fascinating history behind it, instead, there a virtual tours that you can access on the website.

So, if you are not stuck at home self isolating, what are you waiting for? We are living in a beautiful city, with great things to do on our doorstep – the world might be ending, but you can get out and see some of it before it does!

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