Your go to guide on being the only friend not self-isolating in Lancs

In their darkest isolated hour, you are just living your life

Unfortunately, with the move back to university, many people have come down with symptoms of covid-19. Some of our nearest and dearest have been confirmed positive and now, this poor unfortunate bunch are now isolating inside. They can’t see their friends, true! But, what do you do when you’re the only friend who hasn’t tested positive?

Now don’t get me wrong, it’s a much better fate than not having the virus, and it has also left us with a ton of free time to find something to do. Here’s a non exhaustive list of ways to keep yourself busy while your friends recover.

Become a part time delivery worker

So your friends were lucky, they did a shop on Sunday and got symptoms that night, they have food in! But sooner or later they’re going to run out of food, and by chance there’s not going to be any delivery slots, this is where you come in.

Take pleasure in knowing you’re now a part time personal shopper, the 10 minute walk into town, or possible longer bus journey, will get you out of your room so you can run down to Aldi, Sainsbury’s, Lidl, and possibly a mixture of the three if you’re willing to go that extra mile for them. Once you’ve completed their shopping list, you get the luxury of abandoning their shopping at the front door, dropping them a text that the goods have arrived, and waiting across the street, mask on, to wave them back in with their meals for the week.

Shopping outside

Possible drawbacks include, lots of cardio, lots of heavy lifting of shopping bags, struggling to find items and panicking when the items they want are out of stock. Incentives include the good person deed is checked for the week, plus you get to peruse the isles for possible snacks you missed in your own shop.

Treat yourself, have a self care day

You’ve always wanted to bake? You want to do a face mask and watch Mamma Mia? You want to just lay in bed and listen to music? Now is your time!

Self care is extremely important and should always be practised, but when you specifically have nothing else to do, the only option is a full glamourous day of self care. Some strong advice may be to make time for uni work and reading here and there, but that will not be making my list. Don’t set an alarm, wake up naturally. Make yourself your favourite breakfast and relax . Get ready for the day and make your way into town, grab a face mask, some drinks, new pyjamas. Stop out for a coffee at a local cafe for the Instagram story (we’re looking at you, Brew).

Make your way home, and change your bed sheets as the chore for the day! Light a candle, apply your face mask and why not have a takeaway, Sultans? Dominoes? Watch your favourite movie, then make your way to your freshly made bed, peace and serenity will great you here. Falling asleep listening to Fleetwood Mac is recommended, but not required.

Flat Care Day

You’ve fed your friends, looked after yourself, now its time to treat your uni house. Is your room tidy? Have you actually hoovered since you moved in? Is the recycling piling up? Treat your humble abode to its own care day.

Clean the place top to bottom and spray your favourite Febreze, no more toxic vibes are allowed into your home, good vibes only from now on. If you’ve got a flatmate that’s also free like you, do it together, watch some TV afterwards, cook a nice meal for the two of you! This time is for you!

Take yourself on a solo adventure

It’s a nice day outside, but you’re feeling stuck in with no one to see. Pick yourself up, and make a packed lunch, grab a good book, a bottle of water, and your earphones, then you’re good to go . Walk down the Canal and explore the area, hike up to the castle, complete the woodland walk. If you’re particularly adventurous and have the possibility why not go further? The lakes aren’t far, Baines Crag in Bowland Forest. Or stay closer to home and just go to Williamson’s Park for a sit down, it’s time to be your own best company.

Bring back the return of Zoom

Many of you will never want to see Zoom again, but I’m sure almost everyone has a left over Zoom quiz lying around somewhere. Now is the moment you’ve waited for, that one quiz night in April that got scrapped has made its triumphant return. Benefits include seeing your friends lovely faces, talking to them again, and having a laugh together. Negatives can be summarised in the fact you’re back to virtual meet ups, the pain.

If this list doesn’t keep you occupied, other personal favourites include, spinning on a chair with vibey music, binge watching an entire series in a day, staring at the wall contemplating life, and googling celebrities from childhood shows.

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