15 moments in the first episode of Bake Off that all Lancs students can relate to

Oh Bake Off, you have been missed

The first episode of the 11th season of The Great British Bake Off debuted two weeks ago today and was honestly such a welcomed distraction to the absolute joke that is 2020. Being a student is already hard enough, but the 10 pm curfews, the hypocrisy that universities think online lectures are a perfect substitute for face to face learning, and the fact we are still expected to pay £9,250, is eventually going to tip us over the edge. Don’t worry though, you’re not alone in this, and we will get through this one Bake Off at a time. 

The first episode contained some great moments, from Matt Lucas’ impersonation of Boris, to the upside-down pineapple cake gate (you won Sura, enjoy the pineapple upside-down cake, I hope it makes you very happy), and who could forget those terrifying show stoppers? The GBBO provided us the wholesome content and a sense of normalcy that we all could do with right now. So without further ado, here are 15 moments from the first episode that all Lancaster Students can relate to.

1.“I think I am going to put a cake in the microwave”

When you have to cook for yourself for the first time in your life and you have absolutely no idea what you are doing. A microwave can cook anything, right?

2.‘Well. It wasn’t quite what I had planned, but you know, what is?” 

When you are forced to go to Daltons because you get to Sugar too late and the size of that queue says it all. But hey ho, this isn’t the first time you’ve had to do this, and it won’t be the last.

3. “Don’t like making big mistakes. And that was a big mistake”

When you decide to get the 100 bus instead of the 1A. If you know, you know. Top tip: if you want to get anywhere in Lancaster within a reasonable amount of time take the 1A.

4. “There’s nothing wrong with a good super noodle. They’re good, aren’t they? They are good.”

I think we can safely say that instant noodles are an essential part of the university student’s starter pack. If you haven’t had one of these in times of financial struggle (or just because you were too lazy to do the ASDA delivery) then are you even a real student?

5. “I was like crying into my dinner”

When you haven’t done any revision and your exam is at 9 am *cries into the instant noodles*.

6. When you try to look young to get that under 19-day rider

It’s the difference between £2.60 and £3.10 for me. 

7. “One of you has half an hour to live

Three words: Ring of Fire. The game where no one really knows the rules, but you always inevitably end up playing it at pres. Classic drinking game. There’s always that one person who goes a bit too hard on the waterfalls and doesn’t make it out. Oh, the joys of being a fresher.

8. When you misspelled a word so bad, autocorrect can’t even help you out.

Miss those 3 am library sessions.

9. “We don’t have to wash up”

When you go to Sultans for tea so you don’t have to wash up afterward. Smart.


10. How you look when you turn up to a Thursday 9 am after a Wednesday night out in sugar

We’ve all been there, staggering into Faraday lecture theatre on three hours sleep. Not a good vibe.

11. “I never run”

When you forget to check into a lecture on iLancaster so you have to run back. If I am getting something out of this lecture, then it better be this check-in. I don’t do cardio for fun you know. 

12. “I’m sorry there was a fly”

When that one person in the group project comes up with a ridiculous excuse as to why they haven’t done anything. Honestly, group projects are the worst.

13. This is how your Greggs sausage roll looks like at the bottom of Bonny steps

It’s a sad time when you are attacked by the ducks for your food and your sausage roll ends up on the floor. We love the ducks but I did not wait in that long Gregg’s queue for this to happen! 

14. “Yes, I am proud I did quite well to get here”

When someone asks you which university you go to. Did you know Lancaster Uni is a top ten university, did you, did you really? We’ve all done this, let’s be honest.

15. “I can’t believe it. I was like, “Argh!””

When you actually see the campus ducklings in Spring. They are and will always be Lancaster Uni’s pride and joy.

Don’t forget to tune into channel four at eight pm tonight for bread week, where we will see who will rise to the challenge…

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