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Mario Kart, refreshers and chocolate: How to fight off the gloom of January in Lancs

Kick off your 2020 as a 10/10

Blue Monday has just passed, and we are all feeling the feels. The post-Christmas blues, the start of a new term, an onslaught of new assignments to worry about, and somehow- it’s still January?

The Lancs Tab feels your pain and understands, and that’s why we’re providing you with our top ten tips to keep yourself chipper in these cold, dark ages. Perfect reading material for that depressingly dark bus journey home at 5pm.

Surround yourself with good people

The first trick to feeling happy is to surround yourself with people that make you smile! Schedule some time together- whether it’s a night out in sugar and a few too many VK’s, or a Mario Kart session in your pyjamas. Hush those excuses about laziness and the weather; go and be sociable!

Treat yourself, you deserve it

Christmas has passed for another year, but that doesn’t mean you can’t buy (or make!) yourself a treat. Even with the dent in your bank account, there are plenty of options for a little pick-me-up. A Costa latte, a book you’ve had your eye on, or even some Primark fluffy socks. A little self-love can go a long way.

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Try something new

What better time than January to challenge yourself! Refreshers is this Thursday in the Great Hall, and it’s the perfect time for you to dip your toes into a new society or activity that you’ve been too intimidated to try before.

Get out of your flat and exercise

The initial response is ‘Ew’, but exercise is a great way to get some endorphins and help you to feel productive and healthy. It also pairs together with the last suggestion: there are loads of Refreshers sports tasters you can try, and if you do embarrass yourself on the rowing machiene, you don't ever have to return.

Throw yourself into your studies

Throw yourself into your degree like you throw yourself into a dark pit of a hangover post Sugar. Let’s bring in 2020 with the positive mindset that will get you the grades you want in summer. Try to attend as many lectures as possible, work hard and do your readings. You’ll thank yourself in August.

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Book something to look forward to

After Christmas has passed, it can feel like there’s nothing to look forward to anymore. Put something in your diary that you can look forward to: a concert? A visit home to see your dog? A holiday? Whatever suits you, get yourself excited for it.

Listen to some tunes

Little Mix were bang on the money when they said, ‘No more sad songs.’ Put yourself in a good mood by blasting some bangers. Upbeat and boppy tunes accepted ONLY.

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Mood Foods

Studies show that certain foods help uplift your mood! Chocolate is, of course, the most famous example, but there’s also omega-3 heavy fish like salmon, or oats, spinach and cereal. Pick your mood up while you pick your fork up, eh?

Goal Management

We all know by now which New Year’s Resolutions we’re keeping, and which have been an utter failure. Reboot your goals and think about how you want to spend your time and what life you want to lead. January is a great time to start some new projects, even if you had a dodgy setback.

Reaching Out

If you’re struggling with how you’re feeling, and want to talk to someone, then the University offers various mental health services so please don’t be afraid to reach out. Speak to your GP, book a counselling appointment or, if you feel like talking confidentially, Lancaster Nightline is available every night of term via phone or IM. Don’t let yourself suffer in silence!