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Chinese student films himself ripping down pro Hong Kong posters on Lancs Campus

He sent it to the Chinese undergrad groupchat

A Chinese student has filmed himself ripping down pro Hong Kong posters on Lancaster University campus.

This follows shortly after Lancs Uni were found to be removing pro Hong Kong posters. Lancaster defended the removal, saying: "Security are clear they will not remove posters unless there is a breach of the SU poster code."

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The poster removed by the Chinese student was put up by Brian Fung, creator of the LancasterStandsWithHK group.

The poster promoted a public seminar with speaker Dr. Sum Nagi-Ling discussing Sovereign Power and Hong Kong's Extradition Law: Violence, Democracy and International Advocacy.

A Chinese student then filmed himself removing the poster from the Spine, and shared it to a group chat for undergraduate Chinese students which has 462 members.

The full video can be seen on The Lancaster Tab Instagram story.

In the group chat for the LUCSSA (Lancaster University Chinese Society) the official spokesperson said: "When you see this kind of poster please go to Security Lodge for the first time to lodge a complaint and inform the specific location, do not tear it up!"

The Lancaster Tab has reached out to LUCSSA for a comment.

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The messages have been translated to English

"If you happen to see someone putting up this kind of poster, do not conflict with him or her!!

"As Chinese compatriots, we understand indignation and are communicating with the relevant authorities of the university. Please be peaceful, rational and patriotic, beware of being maliciously smeared and used by people for ulterior motives!! In any case please do protect their personal safety!!"

Lancaster Univeristy have released a statement regarding the incident exlusively to The Lancaster Tab. It states: "The University is committed to free speech and the promotion of open debate. Postering on campus is permitted by the University provided it complies with the bye-laws of the Students’ Union, in particular the published Poster Code which is available on the SU’s website.

"If there are posters which are believed to be in breach of this code, these should be brought to the attention of Security staff or the Students’ Union who will take appropriate action in line with agreed protocols, which may include removal of the poster(s).

"To date we have not received complaints or information relating to actions relating to the inappropriate removal of materials compliant with the Union’s code."