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Hustle announces that it’s closing down TONIGHT

After 15 years of hustlin’

Hustle, Lancaster's most notorious nightclub, has announced that it will be closing down after fifteen years.

Hustle announced its closure via a statement on Facebook which said: "It's basically time to say goodbye! Sunday 10th November is our official closing down party and the doors of Hustle won't be opening again."

Classic Hustle

"I can't believe I'm writing this. The company has had some fantastic years and Hustle has stood strong for 15 years.

"However every good thing has to come to an end and I feel that now is the correct time to call it a day. Generation is taking over our Tuesday, Thursday and Sunday nights with also taking the six am closes on Friday and Saturday's."

Also classic Hustle

"It would be lovely to see as many of you on Sunday night for one last massive Hustle blow out.

"As always expect, sticky floors, toilets without toilet seats, losing your dignity and of course the world's worst hangover from you and your mates over doing it on the blowjob shots.

"What's left to persuade you? Love it or hate it, it's your final chance to get a whiff of that Hustle smell."

Classic Hustle part three (a trilogy)

The news of its closure has been met with great sadness, with one comment on the Facebook post stating: "Where it all began. Hustle you grotty dive of a club thanks for introducing me to my now wife." Wow.

Another said: "I'm so gutted I can't even go to the last night!! Such memories, such sweaty ceilings, it was my favourite."

RIP Hustle, you really were something.