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Everything I learnt from being a Freshers’ Rep

It’s harder the second time round

In my first year, I was certainly never the one to miss a night out, and even day long hangovers didn’t seem to stop me from having a good time. Therefore, when the time rolled around to apply to be a freshers rep, I was straight on it, keen to relive my freshers week and give out some advice to the new freshers on how to make the most of their time.

Let me tell you this: It isn’t so easy the second time round. Here's some things that I learnt as a rep.

Fresher energy is a whole new kind of energy

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When the Freshers text "Pres at 7"!?!?

When I signed up to be a rep, I was an energetic fresher myself, who wasn’t too bothered with a lack of routine and a hangover every other day. However, when freshers’ week came around this year, I found that my prior relentless energy had become relentless fatigue.

It suddenly seemed very unachievable to me to go out every night for a week. Fortunately, we had a couple of days off when our freshers were happy with a games night.

Still, by Saturday I felt like a zombie, entirely detached from reality, along with all the other joys of excessive alcohol consumption and sleep deprivation. How do they do it?

So, freshers, take advantage of that crazy energy you seem to have been blessed with, because it will not last long.

Student drinking habits are certainly not changing

It became clear that the Student Union’s reasons for selling Sugar were pretty invalid when we spent most of the time sweating and doing minimal movement dancing. The journey to the toilet in Sugar was a fair challenge; the direct route was never achievable so often a snake like pattern through the crowds was necessary, turning a one minute journey into a ten minute tour of the whole club.

I have to say, Generation was actually pretty decent when it was busy. Having missed out on this night out during my Freshers' week (I definitely didn't fall asleep because I was too drunk during pres), it was certainly an unexpected experience.

Ah, DJ Wez

I have very fond memories of my first night at university, as it was when I met my best friends (my housemates) and the self-proclaimed Lancaster Legend DJ Wez.

Being able to take my freshers to this sweat fest of freshers certainly brought back the good times. I felt like a proud mum sending her children off to school, watching them bond over the cheesy tunes and beer being thrown about the place. There was, however, a questionable Bohemian Rhapsody remix that needs talking about.

Embarrassing parents

Move in day is fun and scary for both the students and the parents, which made for some great conversations. I really enjoyed getting to move in lots of the new students as it got me thinking back to my move in day, and I was excited for them and the journey they were about to embark on.

Talking to the parents was also great as, like most parents, they all managed to blurt out something that made the fresher squirm. We’ve all been there. It’s fine. If you did have an embarrassing move-in parent, remember, they are sending you off to uni for the first time, and that is just as nerve-wracking for them as it is for you.

They probably didn’t mean to expose the fact you forgot to pack your favourite teddy bear and oh, how are you going to cope without him?

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A photo my mum made me take and my eyes aren't even open

Freshers’ Week just isn’t the same as a second year

Bit of a bummer, this one. But kind of true. You aren’t going to have the same energy as before, whether you think you will or not. Truth is, to get through Freshers’ week, you need A LOT of adrenaline.

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I could hardly hack the nights out, even when I could sleep all day if I wanted to. Despite thinking of myself as some kind of partying queen, turns out I’m a tired second year now and most of my nights were spent drinking tap water and in bed by 2am.

Overall, I did really enjoy being a rep, because I got to know some of the new students coming into the college and I got free entry which is definitely a bonus. Although it was a challenging week, it was also quite rewarding, especially move-in day and it helped me forget for one more week that I actually have a degree to be working on.