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Nominations for Lancaster’s maddest freshers are now open

We want your wildest stories

Freshers' Week has just drawn to an end and it's safe to say it has been a week of antics. We want you to nominate your messiest mates and tell us why they deserve the title of Lancaster's maddest fresher.

To give you a little context, last years winner was Ben Dulake, a classic rugby boi who specialised in pulling Grannies and not making it out after two tinnies. There was tough competition, think girls running round naked asking their flatmates for condoms, or chopping a finger off with a kitchen knife at pres, passing out outside of Maccies – the dream. If you are literally THE most problematic flatmate it is definitely your time to shine.

We've seen you animals on freshers' nights out this week and reckon you can up the levels for Lancaster's maddest fresher 2019. So nominate yourself or a mate, just be sure to let us know why they are the maddest fresher you can possibly think of.

Get nominating!