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Which Love Islander is your Lancs college?

We’ve all been dying for the answer…

So we're deep into Love Island now, and it is definitely a hot topic on campus. I'm here to answer the question on everyone's lips… which Love Islander is your college?

Bowland: Anna

You've done nothing wrong, and nothing right. You exist. You're definitely there, we know that for sure, but who are you? We just don't know.

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Cartmel: Callum

When listing colleges off the top of your head everyone forgets you. Enough said.

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County: Yewande

At first you come across as super reliable, an absolute classic, and just likeable as a whole. However, as you dig deeper you might be a little bit boring, unbelievably normal, and tragically average.

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Grizedale: Michael

You're funny, fit and sound, you've never pissed anyone off, there's nothing to fault here really. Everyone wishes they were in Grizedale as a fresher, just like every guy in the villa wishes he was Michael. No complaints here.

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Furness: Amy

Sound but a bit weird, an element of quirkiness we just can't put our fingers on. You're just a bit softer than your other college counterparts, but no where near as bad as a Cartmel for example. Yet again, you're no-ones favourite, but you're as settled as Amy is with Curtis.

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Fylde: Lucie

You're a bit sporty and a bit okay. It's most likely that you're no-ones absolute favourite college, you're no Grizedale, but you do the job. You're reliable, and vaguely funny, at the end of the day you're just sound.

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Lonsdale: Anton

You're just a bit loud and annoying, we like to keep your college at a distance, just how we'd like to keep Anton to be honest. I guess he's fairly entertaining, but point proven is the lack of success with the women.

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Pendle: Amber

With your questionable personality, no-one is really sure of you at first… However, in the end we all warm to you. What we once mistook as being slightly off is actually just personality, we were wrong all along. Just like Amber, your charms are a grower not a shower.

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And there you have it…

What you've always wanted, every Lancs college as a Love Islander.