BNOC of the Year 2015: Round 2

You can make them feel special

| UPDATED BNOC Famous Lancaster University Vote

As the battle for the most coveted crown at Lancaster rages on, we give you the second group of titanic contenders to the throne.

Who comes out on top? You decide.

Halima Khanam 

Halima is the one girl you will always see partying harder than anyone else in Sugar. She’s usually drunk as fuck and that makes her the wildest party animal to be with. She can’t get through a night without people coming up to ask her for everything from selfies to her Twitter handle. The anonymous nominator says Halima deserves it because everybody knows her and well she is the true BNOC.

Alex Smith

Too Fly Fo’ You

This boy is always out partying. Whether its a Dalton Monday, a Hustle Tuesday, a Sugar Wednesday or LUDEMS at Sugar. This boy will always have a drink in his hand, busting a move on the dance floor.  If you don’t know who he is, you’re obviously not important enough. he is the life and soul of any party in Lonsdale. In fact, Lonsdale would be nothing without him. Vote Alex your BNOC of the Year – he most definitely deserves it.

Sammi Cham

Probably best known as Editor of The Tab Lancaster Sammi is also a well known figure for her impeccably chic fashion sense. So keen for the Sugarhouse she does pre-drinks at 6pm and bats the guys away with her bargepole.

Who will win your vote for this round?