What your favourite type of Animal Crossing villager says about you

If Jocks are your favourite I really don’t think we can be friends

For the past two months, you’ve probably spent your lockdown either racking up 500 play hours on Animal Crossing, crying because you couldn’t get hold of a Switch, or wondering why the hell people are getting so excited about a game where you live in a tent but still have a mortgage (maybe you need an Animal Crossing sugar daddy to pay your bills). 

We’ve already told you which Animal Crossing character your uni is, and now it’s time to feed your insatiable ACNH hunger even further by finding out what your favourite village type reveals about you. I’m going to play Katrina and look into my crystal ball. Keee heh ha mo-atata…


Animal Crossing is a sport to you, and you play to win. You’re not here to make friends, you’re here to become This Town’s Next Top Resident Rep. You’re on the grind morning till night, stripping your town bare of anything you can palm off on Timmy and Tommy. You respect Tom Nook for bringing capitalism to a deserted island, and his ‘bitch better have my Bells’ attitude. You don’t even know which villagers live in your town, but you live for their applause as you show off the massive shark you just caught. You’re never idle in life; you’re either at the gym, out on the sesh, or… at the gym. You’re extremely competitive by nature, and probably get waaay too intense during Varsity. It’s highly likely to set up a second insta account to track your ‘gains’, and you can’t make it through a single conversation without using either the word ‘bulking’ or ‘shredding’. When they said go big or go home, you built yourself a big fuck-off house and flexed your muscles on the lawn. 


You enjoy the finer things in life, so starting out living in a tent with no clothes shop is a challenge for you. You make it your mission to elevate your lifestyle every day, both in-game and out. The hairstyles and Custom Pro Editor were probably the first things you spent your easy-earned Nook Miles on so that your character turns heads every time they emerge from their ugly yellow tent. Upon opening the game, you spend the first 10 minutes picking out a hot fit to impress Apollo (let’s face it – he’s sugar daddy material). You associate with the high-flyers of the game, and you, Olivia, and Blanche always impress Labelle with your #looks. Your style-consciousness absolutely extends into real life too. You never go anywhere unless you look photo-ready, showing up to 9am lectures with your hair done, having already completed the first of several daily sheet mask sessions.  You can be a bit self-centered, and prickly at first, but you’ll open up eventually. Unless they start wearing trackies, in which case the friendship will be immediately terminated.  It’s inevitable that you’ll attempt to become an ‘influencer’ before giving up because your photos only get 10 likes.


You fancy yourself as a regular Mr Darcy. Never knowingly underdressed, you approach every situation with poise, grace and narcissism. Your character’s house and town are both immaculately decorated, and you always win big with the HHA. Your uni flat has probably received acclaim as the cleanest residence in the whole place. You display all your accolades with not-so-humble pride, a nod to the hours of tireless dedication you put into everything you do. You try hard to understand everyone’s point of view, though sometimes you can’t quite wrap your head around why somebody would rather wear a sports jersey than a nice waistcoat. Your idea of a good night out is a debate about theoretical philosophy in a fancy wine bar, but only once you finish that essay first. You frequent the fossil section of the museum with Raymond and Lionel, to engage in intellectual conversation and ego-stroking. Yes, you’ll graduate with a first, but your Instagram bio is probably ‘Young Tory’.


You’re just nice. Some of the best Animal Crossing characters are Normal-type, like Vesta and Mitzi (I’d cut off a toe for that cat). Just like them, people love you. You’re probably an Animal Crossing purist – you log on each morning with wholesome intentions to weed your town, befriend your villagers and make things look cute. Nothing more, nothing less, and absolutely NO time-travelling. You definitely put actual effort into the letters you send to villagers, rather than just sending a garbled mess with an unwanted mouldy shirt attached. You are also just as nice in real life as you’re expected to be in-game; returning lost items, giving surprise gifts, gently steering your friends away from poor style choices. You donate everything you can to the museum – you’re not in it for the money. If only they could build an exact replica so you could spend just as much of your real-life wandering around staring at fish.


You’re a bit chaotic, but a lot of fun. Peppy villagers always have bold style choices (just take a look at Agent S – who said helmets can’t be Fashion?), and so do you. You’re extroverted and speak your mind, but coat it in layers of sugar so people can’t ever get mad. You’re the kind of person that goes on a night out and comes home friends with the whole bar. Just like the peppy villagers, you’re always channeling your energy into a new creative pursuit, from singing to fishing to butterfly collecting. You’re definitely first on the karaoke and the last one to go home, but you have a big heart and a kickin’ personality.


If we’re being honest, you’re a bit of an asshole. But, you’re very loveable underneath that gruff exterior. You’re old beyond your years, and like settling in for a solitary fishing session with a cold beer in hand; you probably only stumbled across this article when you were looking for fishing tips You’re not really fussed about interior design or decorating your town, but your museum was opened and fully filled about a week after you got the game. You might go crazy and try some terraforming now and again, but at heart, you’re a fan of life’s simpler pleasures. You’re set in your ways, and a bit out of touch with pop culture. One time you bought a mug that says: “Don’t talk to me until I’ve had my coffee”, and now it’s your most prized possession despite the fact it makes everyone around you cringe. At uni you take things seriously and show up to every 9 am on time because you were already in the library studying since the crack of dawn. If someone gets in your way, wake you up from a nap, or has a differing opinion, you have no problem telling them to piss off. But deep down, you’re a real softie – a proper dad.


Things don’t really faze you. You live life firmly in the slow lane and wouldn’t have it any other way. You’re so laid-back that your life is basically just napping with your eyes open. Others admire your ‘Que sera sera’ attitude and the way you get on with pretty much everyone. Delegating is your greatest strength,  you get your pals to catch you fish and bugs, while you lounge on a deckchair by the sea. If you make it to two of your classes each week you count that as a win, and you probably live on noodles or takeout. You’re a big kid at heart, with great imagination and absolutely zero follow-throughs. But, you’re always there to talk about snacks and TV shows. The Jocks might intimidate you a bit, but why would you want to be doing something all the time, anyway?


You’re offbeat, no-nonsense, and sometimes a little bit scary, but you always mean well. Sarcasm is your main form of humour, and you’re not afraid of saying exactly what you think – with significantly more spice than sugar, unlike your Peppy counterparts. You mind your business for the most part, sitting in seminars knowing the answer but refusing to raise your hand. Once people get to know you, and crack past that ever-so-slightly terrifying exterior they realise that you’ll always be there for them. Once you’re in, you’re in. You enjoy looking out for the people you care about, and would take a bullet for them, no questions asked. Staying up late having deep chats, you’re the one friends call when there’s a body that needs burying. The supportive older siblings everybody wishes they had, with the unfortunate addition of a badly DIY-ed fringe. 

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