We spoke to the people using sugar daddies to pay for things on Animal Crossing

‘I thought it was too good to be true, but now I’m thriving’

For most people, paying your debt to Tom Nook in Animal Crossing involves planting trees, harvesting fruit, painstakingly managing your island’s natural resources. But for sugar baby @mantequillaa22, all she needed to upgrade her AC lifestyle was visit from another player who gave her millions of bells, gold nuggets, wands, and even golden tools.

If you’re a struggling Animal Crossing player this might annoy you, but she’s not the only one. The King’s Tab spoke to several sugar babies making bells and truth be told they’re living in total island luxury. I am being deadly serious: Sugar babies exist on Animal Crossing, and not in a “you send me feet pics and I’ll PayPal you while we play Animal Crossing”, I mean they are exchanging literal bells (the in-game currency) sometimes just for a bit of company.

“He asks for nothing in return. He’s in love with me, he’s happy to do it,” a sugar baby told The King’s Tab. “Sometimes, I allow him to be in my presence so he can compliment me and give me more things”.

But how do these relationships really work? And more importantly how do I become a successful sugar baby? Well you poor broke soul, read on and find out:

User @kiiiua_zoidyck says they caught a sugar daddy just by posting about their experience with the game on social media: “I made a tweet saying getting bells was hard, and Tom Nook was a greedy crook, so someone offered to give me bells because they make a lot of money with turnip stocks”.

Since being approached by this sugar daddy, they now meet on each other’s islands about twice a week, where he gives her bells, fruits, furniture, and materials like iron and wood when she’s running low.

Another player who wished to remain anonymous also met her sugar daddy over social media, getting a DM from him “cause he saw me and said I was pretty”. Her sugar daddy now sends her gifts every single day. She says that he provides “everything I ask for, like clothes, money and fruit”.

@mantequillaa22 offered another approach, stumbling across a man giving away bells on Facebook marketplace. She says: “I thought it was too good to be true, but now I’m thriving”.

But what is it like for the other parties involved – the sugar mummies and daddies, if you will? @BuHaruj, a sugar mummy, explains: “Before I started giving stuff to people, I remembered how it felt not to have access to certain features”. Now, she has five sugar babies, meeting all of them initially on Twitter. In her role as sugar mummy, she has “given them millions of bells, furniture sets they’ve wanted, and also rare flowers and fruits”.


What do these sugar parents get out of the arrangement? Nudes, maybe? Is this the Onlyfans of the Nintendo world? Surprisingly, as the anonymous user from earlier said, most don’t want anything at all.

@BuHaruj says: “Normally, you’d expect me to charge something, however I don’t! The only transactions that happen are on my end, where I just give them the stuff they want for free. The only thing I want to see is their happiness, just like how I felt when I finally got the items I wanted!”

Even @mantequilla says her sugar daddy doesn’t ask for much (“we just talk”), explaining: “I’ve contacted him twice. It’s been a week since the last time I contacted him.”

This trend for AC daddies is only growing, as more and more people use the game to beat the lockdown boredom. Posts asking for AC sugar daddies everywhere from Reddit to Twitter show players going to impressive lengths to satisfy their thirst for Proper Harvest Furniture and Tom Nook’s store.

So, what advice would these players give to people who are actually considering getting in an AC relationship like this?

The anonymous player said it was pretty straightforward to get a sugar daddy if you’re on social media: “Have a pretty profile picture so someone DMs you”.

@BuHaruj warns players: “Don’t give out any personal information, use a fake name or even make a new PayPal account with a different name! Safety is number one”. However, she also says if the situation is more relaxed and the sugar mummy or daddy sends things for free, “then I’d say go for it!”

@mantequillaa22 adds: “Obviously don’t trust anyone that’s asking for money in return or some bullshit like that. In the end, it’s not really worth getting your identity stolen or something. Play safe and you’ll be fine!”

However, @kiiiua_zoidyck advised against seeking a sugar daddy, saying that a sugar daddy is really not necessary, even for ambitious players. They claim: “If you want bells you can just invest in turnip stocks, and if you want cute clothes and furniture you can just catalogue it from your friends”.

At the end of the day, you gotta respect that sugar baby grind –  hoarding bells is certainly a better way to pass the time than hoarding loo roll.

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