We asked people in the Maughan how it feels to be alone on Valentine’s Day

‘Is it that obvious I’m single?’

Valentine’s Day has come around again. For some, it’s the holiday of love and romance. For others, it’s the horrifying annual reminder that you’re destined to become a withered spinster who frolics around the Yorkshire Moors in a wedding dress smelling faintly of cat piss. It’s just a matter of perspective.

With this in mind, we took a trip around King’s libraries this Valentine’s Day to ask students what it’s like to be alone.

Nadia, first-year, Biomed

“Just try to forget it’s Valentine’s Day and go to a bar and get plastered.”

Lumi, first-year, Medic

“Valentine’s Day is glorified.”

Dylan, third-year, English

“I whisper Big Boys don’t cry (whilst I quietly sob).”

First-year, Biomed

“As it’s a day to give love to yourself I am going to get myself 20 chicken McNuggets.”

Anonymous sad library student

“It is actually really triggering for me, so I don’t like to talk about it.”

Ellie, third-year, English

“There’s nothing funny about capitalism exploiting idiotic straight people into spending all their money on an intrinsically heterosexist invented holiday. Or maybe I’m just bitter.”

Second-year, Dentistry

“I’ve been alone on Valentine’s Day for 20 years, what’s another one?”

Shiv, first-year, Biomed

“You don’t need a man to treat you right.”

Eleazar, third-year

“I am really sad and it’s really depressing and I think there are many more years of this.”

Gabe, third-year

“Is it really that obvious I’m single.”

Zoe, third-year

“Every bone in my body is telling me to go on a massive ‘fuck Valentine’s Day it’s the patriarchy enforcing stereotypes of romantic relationships and making us poor’, but I also really love an excuse to watch rom coms all day.”

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