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KCLSU are auditioning for a new team to compete on University Challenge

We haven’t won since 1963 so please just apply

KCL hasn't won University Challenge since it first began in 1963, and our recent loss to UCL means we're all hanging our heads in shame.

However, if you’re looking to show off all the knowledge you'll have gained during this coming reading week, or just want to quiver under Jeremy Paxman's steely gaze, tryouts for the next KCL University Challenge team start on Monday November 5th.

Organised by the KCLSU, tryouts run from 6-8pm and follow a pub quiz format aiming to shortlist the team of four that will represent KCL in their next round on University Challenge.

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Think of poor Reggie

Auditions will be held in the B5 auditorium in Franklin Wilkins Building on Waterloo Campus.

Entry is free, but there is limited capacity, so make sure you RSVP here.

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