UCL beats KCL at University Challenge showing once and for all that we are the best

But really, what did you expect?

It's been tough. It's been gruelling. But the first round of this year's University Challenge has already relit the flames of war between two age-old rivals: UCL and King's College London. The two universities went head to head on the show tonight to decide, once and for all, who is truly the best.

This year, UCL's team consists of George Mitkov, who studies French and German; Sofia Walker, who has a Masters in Translation, and Feiyu Fang, who studies Physics. The captain of the team is MRI Physicist and PhD student Robert Johnstone.

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The heroes of the night from left to right: George Mitkov, Sofia Walker, Robert Johnstone (team captain), and Feiyu Fang

The team had a successful start, pulling ahead with 35 points from the get-go. This was interrupted by Liam Tsang of King's College London, who pushed the KCL team ahead to 75pts.

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There was a nailbiting moment where both sides tusselled for starter questions. Jeremy Paxman called Walker out at one point for giggling, and Mitkov lost the team 5 points for early interruption.

But there was no need to get nervous. With the aid of the magnificent Sofia Walker, who was truly a fountain of knowledge for the team, UCL totally dominated the second half of the show, storming ahead to a grand total of 180pts.

King's College fought to catch up, but their efforts were in vain. As the final gong sounded, KCL trailed in with a score of 145pts, 35pts behind.

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KCL: "Is there any hope of winning?" "No, not at all."

So far, in the history of the University Challenge, UCL has been performing well, placing second in 2013 after the University of Manchester. In the 2017/18 series, our team fought valiantly through into the Second Round, narrowly missing out on victory by 5 points to the University of Edinburgh.

King's College, on the other hand, has not had such a shining record. Last year, KCL was eliminated after just one match, with a weak score of 110. Their opponent at the time, Merton College, Oxford, walked away with a score of 285.

Poor Strand Poly hasn't been to the final of University Challenge for a good 40-odd years, as the last time they came second was back in the original series in 1976.

Since then, they've either been too busy not taking part, or floundering to get out of the second round.

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And it really is 'Goodbye from King's College'

So it's official now, guys. You all heard the Paxman. UCL is the best. Sorry, Strand Poly, better luck next time.