Meet the KCL students running ‘The Learning Station Project’

It’s a project teaching languages run specifically for refugees in London


In the last year the amount of refugees coming into the UK has been debated countless times, with the UK placing a limit on child, adult and qualified refugees entering the country. These recent events gave two students in second year, Emma and Lola, the idea of setting up their own English tutoring programme that is teaching English to over 50 students.

Emma and Lola have independently worked with refugees; Emma went to Calais and taught French which in the Jungle, was received with immense gratitude. Lola volunteered at a Drop In Centre in London which supplied food, legal help and more. With this in hindsight, they created “The Learning Station Project”, on the basis of helping refugees learn the language they would be desperate without.

Using their own materials and a room leased out by KCL in Strand Building, in early December 2016 their first classes started. Fast forward to April, and they have over 50 students, 5 rooms and a plethora of classes all based on level of English. They received an Alumni fund of £2,400 which has been spent on covering travel costs and materials, but the funds are running low.

Lola and Emma

Emma and Lola have reached out directly to the Tab to say “We started from scratch as everything had to be done: a place where the classes could be held and money to cover students’ travel expenses were an emergency and our main priorities. 

Our students come mainly from Sudan, Syria and Eritrea and we are very happy to witness that our class is a place where they look forward to coming back to every week to meet up with their friends and learn English in a welcoming environment.” 

So far they have 10 volunteers as tutors and assistants, but the need for volunteers is now imminent. Both Emma and Lola are on a study abroad this year, and can manage the project from afar, but volunteers to continue teaching those who are eager to learn are a necessity for the project to continue.

Literally anybody can apply to become a teacher, and it is easily done through this volunteer form. Donations are also always welcome, to be done through their Facebook page.