Everyone’s heart broken now Kenny’s Tesco has closed

Forget Zayn, this is a real loss

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Everyone’s favourite Tesco Express has now closed, and it’s certainly not gone down well in the neighbourhood.

Tesco Express, on Kensington High Street, closed its doors last week, leaving many bereft without their daily meal deal.

Obviously, as it’s Kensington we’re talking about, the locals were bound to react angrily, scrawling “you have been dumped” on the boards.

Lenny and Lorraine, local residents of Channell Road, told The Tab: ”It’s just outrageous, the late night trip to Tesco for a pint of milk, or a loaf of bread, is just out of the question now.

“It’s made a huge change to when we plan our shopping trips now, as we have to think about it not getting too late.”


Uni of third year Tiffany said: ”I missed five buses this morning as a result of the Tesco cash point no longer being available.

“It’s made my morning journeys a nightmare, and a longer journey just to use a cashpoint nearby.”

It isn’t surprising such action has taken place though, as Tesco roll out closures nationwide.

But the closing of this Tesco came without much warning or any signs of closure, and the question of what will replace it has rustled up a frenzy.

Angry third year Samantha told said: “I never feel safe in Kensington at night, especially with so many youths on bikes.

“Now Tesco has closed down, it’s just caused even more trouble with anti-social behaviour.

“They lurk around because they know students are more likely to nip out at night, and now the off licenses are more of a target.”


Being quite close to town, uni, and low in price, Kenny ticks all the boxes for a sweet student living deal.

But the lack of the all important Tesco in the area could change everything.

Tesco disappearing has certainly made a dent in Kenny’s reputation.

It is fair to say Iceland and Lidl are still around, but the option for a late night date to Tesco no longer exists.

It’s definitely hard times for Kenny. Still, Lidl will remain a winner.